Teaching, Learning and Curriculum


The Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section is dedicated to the continual improvement of accounting education, especially through the development of relevant and innovative curricula, a renewed emphasis of effective and efficient instruction, and the exploration of knowledge-organization issues related to accounting programs. Specific objectives include, but are not limited to:

  1. Teaching:
    1. To foster research in methods of learning and their application to the field of accounting instruction;
    2. To stimulate discussion and experimentation in instructional means, methods, and materials in general;
    3. To raise questions and to disseminate knowledge about teaching and teaching-related materials;
    4. To initiate, encourage, and sponsor research in methods of learning and in the improvement of skills and aids used to impart knowledge of accounting and of related fields; and
    5. To provide guidance and opportunities for members to both test and improve their teaching skills and instructional materials.
  2. Curriculum matters:
    1. To encourage continued consideration of and experimentation in all facets of curriculum development for accounting programs; and
    2. To communicate interests, intentions, and information about curriculum developments in accounting programs.
  3. Education:
    1. To encourage a broad definition of scholarship that includes a high priority on teaching and curriculum development;
    2. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and findings about developments related to instruction and curriculum issues in accounting education;
    3. To work with other organizations pursuing similar goals; and
    4. To encourage qualified individuals to consider opportunities in accounting education by providing appropriate guidance and knowledge about such careers

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