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Friday November 20, 11:00 am Eastern 

Accounting and Auditing in a
COVID-19 Disrupted World

Moderator: Margot Cella (Center for Audit Quality)

Presenter: Jackie Hammersley (University of Georgia)

Presenter: Catherine Ide (Center for Audit Quality)

Accounting and Auditing in a COVID-19 Disrupted World

The COVID-19 pandemic and the related market conditions create many new uncertainties for public companies, auditors, and audit committees. These uncertain times present unique opportunities to engage accounting students in real-time discussions about the impact that the current environment has on the US capital markets.
This webinar will cover several key topics related to COVID-19 that professors can incorporate into their syllabi:
  • Auditor’s Risk Assessment
    • Scoping and materiality
  • Auditing Accounting Estimates
    • Goodwill
  • Reporting and disclosure
    • Non-GAAP
    • Going Concern


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