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DEIB Webinar Series: The Architecture of Inclusion

We are pleased to announce that AAA members can participate in live webinars to complete our DEIB Certificate: The Architecture of Inclusion, which launched Tuesday September 6th.  AAA members can earn CPE credits for each module and engage in a conversation with the Chief Diversity Officer and other participants, for FREE. 

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All webinars will be held on Fridays from 1-2:30pm Eastern on the dates provided below.

Members can earn 1.8 CPE credits for each webinar. They must answer all poll questions and remain online during the entire webinar.

Members can complete the DEIB certificate program in one of three ways:
• Webinars only
• Online through the DEIB course platform only
• Combination of webinars and access via the platform

Members who choose to complete the certificate program by participating in webinars ONLY, must complete all the poll questions for each. They will not be required to take the test required for those who complete the program through the platform.

Members who choose to complete through a combination of webinars and access via the course platform must complete the test if they completed one or more modules in Foundations I or II via the platform.

For additional information, please email the Chief Diversity Officer, Barbee Oakes, at

Webinar Series Dates

  • September 16:  Module 1 | Understanding the Illusion of Inclusion
  • September 23:  Module 2 | Rethinking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • October 7:         Module 3 | Belonging is the Key to Actualizing an Inclusive Environment
  • October 21:       Module 4 | Mastering Intercultural Conflict to Enhance Team Effectiveness
  • November 4:     Module 5 | Navigating Blind Spots to Enhance Interpersonal Communication
  • November 18:   Module 6 | Mitigating Bias to Promote Equitable Decision-Making
  • December 2:     Module 7 | Motivating People to Change Their Behavior
  • December 9:     Module 8 | Advancing From a Minimization Mindset

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