Online Publication Statement

(AAA Policy on Dissemination of Meeting Papers)

Approved by AAA Executive Committee Fall 2002
Amended Spring 2012

The following is the American Accounting Association's policy on dissemination of meeting papers:

A section or region may make the full text of papers selected for their meetings available to attendees and others on the AAA website (or other equivalent site). These papers should be clearly labeled as working papers and the copyrights to papers should remain with the authors. The selection process should not be referred to as refereeing. The posting of working papers to the meeting site should be done only with the author(s)' permission. Within 60 days after the end of the meeting, the links to the full text of the papers should be withdrawn.

When this policy is complied with, it is the AAA's position that the papers have not been "published" and are eligible to be considered for publication in refereed journals.

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