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    SET stimulates and improves the research in, teaching of, and application of emerging technologies and artificial intelligence methods and techniques in accounting. They promote the global creation and communication of knowledge about strategic and emerging technologies in accounting, auditing and taxation.
  • Jobs Are Not Enough:
    New Figures Show That The Speed At Which America's Economy Can Grow Without Stoking Inflation Has Fallen

    July 19, 2014: The Economist
  • Did Multinationals Use a Foreign Earnings Tax Holiday To Burnish Their Financials Rather Than Reduce Taxes

    June 11, 2014: Forbes' Online
  • Yes, You're Smart, but Can You Manage Your Time?

    July 24, 2014: New York Times


For the last few years the annual Research Workshop is held the day before the formal commencement of the National Meeting. The Transformative Technologies Workshop is held the day before the Research Workshop. Both also share the location of the annual meeting.

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How Audit Reviewers Respond to an Audit Preparer’s Affective Bias - The Ironic Rebound Effect
Michele Frank and Vicky B. Hoffman

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12/29/14 - Women CFOs shun risky tax dodges,but that can be a problem, study suggests

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12/1/14 - Accelerating the disclosure of corporate audit fees would be a boon for investors, new study suggests
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11/3/14 - CFO VS. AUDIT COMMITTEE: Despite Sarbanes-Oxley, audit-committee dominance of corporate financial reporting remains as much a hope as a reality, study suggests
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10/8/14 - Sudden unexplained jumps or drops in a stock's price bode ill for the long run, study finds

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9/15/14 - Slashing CEO pay improves firm performance - but only superficially
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8/29/14 - SEC's release of little-known comment letters is occasion for top corporate executives to unload shares, study finds
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