FARS Excellence in Reviewing Award

Purpose: To recognize reviewers that demonstrate excellence in reviewing papers as part of the paper selection process for the FARS Midyear Meeting and AAA Annual Meeting. An excellent review is one that is comprehensive, clear, constructive, and civil; i.e., it provides valuable and detailed feedback for improving the paper in a way that is not demeaning to the authors and that is comparable to a review written for a journal submission.

Nature of Award: There is no limit on the number of awards. The award will not be accompanied by any plaque or money. The winners will be recognized publically at the following annual meeting luncheon. The winners will also be encouraged to list this award on their CV as evidence of their outstanding reviewing activities for the Section.

Process: As the track chairs read the reviews on their assigned papers, they should note any reviewer names that have provided excellent reviews. Then, they should forward the names to the Program Chair. The Program Chair and Program Chair-Elect will then look at all of the reviews written by the nominee (which may be across different tracks) and make an assessment of whether the nominee is deserving of the award. There is no limit on the number of awards.

Excellence in Reviewing Award


Ahmed Abdalla, The London School of Economics and Political Science
Herita Akamah, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Amir Amel-Zadeh, University of Oxford
Jeremiah Bentley, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Brooke Beyer, Kansas State University
Dirk Black, Dartmouth College
Jae Bum Kim, Lehigh University
Jeff Burks, University of Notre Dame
Brian Cadman, University of Utah
Andy Call, Arizona State University
John Campbell, University of Georgia
Stefano Cascino, The London School of Economics and Political Science
Kimball Chapman, Washington University in St Louis
Ciao-Wei Chen, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Feng Chen, University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management
Peter Chen, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Szu-Fan Chen, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Mengyao Cheng, Boston College
Steve Crawford, University of Houston-Houston
Lauren Cunningham, University of Tennessee
Matthew DeAngelis, Georgia State University
Emmanuel DeGeorge, London Business School
Flora Dong, Penn State University - Erie
John Donovan, University of Notre Dame
Michael Drake, Brigham Young University
Atif Ellahie, University of Utah
Aytekin Ertan, London Business School
Hila Fogel-Yaari, Tulane University
Yu Ting Forester Wong, University of Southern California
Susanna Gallani, Harvard University Business School
Brandon Gipper, Stanford University
Moritz Hiemann, Columbia University Business School
Darren Henderson, Wilfrid Laurier University
Eric Horne, University of Washington
Yaqin Hu, University of Texas at Dallas
Sterling Huang, Singapore Management University
Michael Imhof, Wichita State University
Michael Iselin, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
Russell Jame, 
Xu Jiang, Duke University
Rick Johnston, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Michael Jung, New York University Stern School of Business
Daehyun Kim, University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management
Zawadi Lemayian, Washington University
Phillip Lamoreaux, Arizona State University - Tempe
Henry Laurion, University of California
Kelvin Law, Nanyang Technological University
Jimmy Lee, Singapore Management University
Sung-Han Lee, Iowa State University
Alina Lerman, Yale University
Qin Li, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
An-Ping Lin, Singapore Management University
Zhejia Ling, Iowa State University
Paul Mason, Baylor University
Andrew McMartin, University of Miami
Ken Merkley, Cornell University
Melanie Millar, Baylor University
Mike Minnis, The University of Chicago
Miguel Minutti-Meza, University of Miami
Karl Muller, Penn State University
Abigail Needles, Texas A&M University
Jed Neilson, Penn State University
Jeffrey Ng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hyung Oh, University of Washington Bothell
Joseph Pacelli, Indiana University - Bloomington
Han-Up Park, Temple University
Paige Patrick, University of Washington
Kyle Peterson, University of Oregon
Spencer Pierce, Florida State University
Ying Quan, University of Texas at Dallas
Tharindra Ranasinghe, University of Maryland
Edward Riedl, Boston University
Oded Rozenbaum, George Washington University
Thomas Ruchti, Carnegie Mellon University
Sarah Shaikh, University of Washington
Michael Shen, Michigan State University
Min Shen, CUNY-Baruch College
Wei Shi, Norwegian School of Economics
Anywhere Sikochi, Harvard University Business School
Roshan Sinha, University of Washington
Anup Srivastava, Dartmouth College
Liang Tan, George Washington University
Samuel Tan, University of California-Berkeley
Ayung Tseng, Indiana University - Bloomington
Brady Twedt, Indiana University - Bloomington
Steve Utke, University of Connecticut
Kristen Valentine, University of Texas at Austin
David Veenman, University of Amsterdam
Annika Wang, University of California
Emily Wang, The University of British Columbia
Isabel Wang, Michigan State University
Laura Wellman, Northwestern University
Diana Weng, University of Florida
Liwei Weng, Arizona State University
Joshua White, Vanderbilt University
Paul Wong, University of California-Davis
Yu Ting Forester Wong, University of Southern California
Biqin Xie, Penn State University - Harrisburg
Ari Yezegel, Bentley University
Gwen Yu, University of Michigan
Jenny Zha Geidt, George Washington University
Jieying Zhang, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Frank Zhou, University of Pennsylvania


Ayung Tseng, Indiana
Beth Blankespoor, Stanford
Daniel Aobdia, Northwestern
David Veenman, Erasmus
Denise Silva Ferreira Juvenal
Devin Shanthikumar, UC-Irvine
Dirk Black, Dartmouth
Hila Fogel-Yaari, Tulane
Jane (Zhiyan) Song, Iowa
Jeremy Bertomeu, Baruch
John Campbell, Georgia
John Donovan, Washington University St. Louis
Li Yao, Concordia
Lynn Li, Boston University
Maria Loumioti, USC
Matthew Cedergren, Wharton
Mike Minnis, Chicago
Po-Chang Chen, Miami University
Rebecca Files, UT Dallas
Ryan McDonough, Michigan
Salman Arif, Indiana
Travis Chow, Singapore Management University
Vishal Baloria, Boston College
Zach Kaplan, Washington University St Louis
Zhenhua Chen, Tulane

President's Letter


Dear Visitors and FARS Members,

The Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (FARS) is comprised of academics and practitioners from around the world who are interested in financial reporting and analysis. The membership is diverse. Our academic members conduct research on topics ranging from voluntary disclosure, standard setting, earnings management, and firm valuation. The research methods employed by our diverse membership also are quite varied, and include archival, experimental, survey, analytic, and case methodologies. The classes we teach consistent of introductory financial reporting, theoretical concepts of financial reporting, intermediate financial reporting, advanced financial reporting, and financial statement analysis. We are a section with breadth and depth. 


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Journal of Financial Reporting

The Journal of Financial Reporting (JFR) is the academic journal of the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section of the American Accounting Association. JFR’s target audience is financial reporting researchers. JFR will publish two regular issues each year. JFR will also occasionally publish themed issues dedicated to studies that launch a new question or move the literature forward in an existing area.

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Research Objectives:

  • A. to encourage, facilitate, and publicize research in financial accounting and reporting.
  • B. to communicate interests, intentions, and actual work-in-process in the area.
  • C. to identify areas in need of research.
  • D. to provide opportunities for public exposure of research results through AAA meetings (annual, regional, and special meetings devoted solely to financial accounting and reporting) and publications (including working papers and a separate journal for financial accounting and reporting, if warranted).