FARS Innovation in Financial Accounting Education Award

The Innovation in Financial Accounting Education Award is conferred annually to an individual or a group of individuals (at least one of which must be a section member), and is intended to:

  • Encourage innovation that improves financial accounting education, and
  • Recognize significant programmatic changes or significant activities, concepts, or educational materials that can be adopted by others within the academy.

This award is given in recognition of an innovation, which may have been developed and implemented over a several-year period. Examples of such innovations could be:

  • Educational research aimed at better understanding the outcomes associated with methods or delivery of financial accounting courses and/or improving the delivery of financial accounting courses
  • A new framework or paradigm for a financial accounting course
  • Original instructional resources (including financial accounting and reporting cases)
  • Course material that allows instructors to better incorporate research into their teaching

The award recipients must be willing to share unpublished instructional materials with the Section's membership.

Criteria used to judge submissions for this award include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Innovation (i.e., something new or different that increases student interest in the study of financial accounting or that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of financial accounting education.)
  • Evidence of the educational benefits or value as the result of the innovation; and
  • Adaptability by other educational institutions

The award carries with it a $1,500 cash prize and an engraved plaque for the winner. The winner is announced and recognized at the Section's next midyear meeting after the submission date. 

FARS members may submit nominations by September 1st.  Nominators should complete the FARS Innovation in Financial Accounting Education Award Nomination Form available HERE. Nominators should state why their candidate should receive the award and submit appropriate documentation supporting their nomination, such as complete resumes and letters of recommendations from students, colleagues, and/or practitioners.

Questions should be addressed to the Committee Chair at the address below. The nominations should be submitted to the Chair of the Innovation in Financial Accounting Education Award committee Chair Derek Oler at derek.oler@ttu.edu.  That committee will select a winner of the award. Award recipients will be announced at the following year Midyear Meeting luncheon.

Innovation in Financial Accounting Education Award


Botosan, C. A., Hill, M. S., & Taylor, G. K. (2023). Engaging Students in the Standard Setting ProcessIssues in Accounting Education, 1-22.

2022 Ryan Ball, University of Michigan
2021 Stephen Penman, George O. May Professor of Financial Accounting, Columbia University
2018 Mahendra Gujarathi, Rae D. Anderson Professor of Accountancy, Bentley University
2017  Professor Charles M. C. Lee, The Moghadam Family Professor and Professor of Accounting, Stanford University
2016  Professor G. Peter Wilson, Joseph L. Sweeney Chair, Boston College

President's Letter

Kristi Rennekamp
2023-2024 FARS Section President

Dear FARS Members and Visitors,

The Financial Accounting and Reporting Section was created in 1993 with 49 members as a provisional section of the AAA. The section has since grown to around 1,500 members from around the world!

As we head into our 30th year, this is truly an exciting time to be involved with FARS. In just the past few years, the section has launched initiatives with a focus on (1) integrating research and practice, (2) mentoring junior faculty, and (3) prioritizing diversity and inclusion. This year we will continue these initiatives and look for ways to expand them further in order to best serve our section members.

The mission of FARS is enduring, and calls for us “to give greater attention to financial accounting and reporting, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education, research, and professional practice by: (1) disseminating and evaluating teaching methods and materials; (2) encouraging, facilitating, and publicizing research interests and projects; and (3) creating opportunities for interchange and cooperation between academics and practitioners.”

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Journal of Financial Reporting

The Journal of Financial Reporting (JFR) is the academic journal of the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section of the American Accounting Association. 

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Call for Participants

FARS and JFR 3rd Annual Research Proposal Conference (Remote Format) September 21–22, 2023


FARS Research Objectives:

  • A. to encourage, facilitate, and publicize research in financial accounting and reporting.
  • B. to communicate interests, intentions, and actual work-in-process in the area.
  • C. to identify areas in need of research.
  • D. to provide opportunities for public exposure of research results through AAA meetings (annual, regional, and special meetings devoted solely to financial accounting and reporting) and publications (including working papers and a separate journal for financial accounting and reporting, if warranted).