Craig Sisneros, Oklahoma State University

Dear Diversity Section Members:

The time has come to pass the baton to Veena and reflect on this past year. To say it went by fast is an understatement, and to say it was not what I expected is a massive understatement. First and foremost, my deepest thanks to all the officers and chairs of the section who really kept it all going. And special thanks to Shauna and the AAA staff, who do not get enough credit for all they do. I wish there were more I could have done, but as I transition to Past President and chair of the nominations committee, I ask for your help so we can all assist Veena as she steps into the president role and Amelia as she becomes Vice President/President-Elect. Please come forward and volunteer for your section, be it an officer role, chair of the midyear or annual meeting, or another role. Inquire with me!

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