Diversity Section Innovation in Research Award

Award Title: Diversity Section Innovation in Research Award

Diversity Section Awards Chairperson: Nelson Alino at nualino@quinnipiac.edu.

Process for Establishing this Award: The Executive Committee of the Diversity Section (and the award Chairperson if one is appointed) will determine the purpose, criteria, eligibility, etc., for the award.

Purpose: The Diversity Section recognizes the importance of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Academy, the accounting profession, and in business. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward faculty members who conduct research that advances knowledge and practices in the areas of diversity, inclusion, human equity, and social justice. The winner will be honored with a plaque and a monetary award.

Criteria: To be eligible for the award, the research must have been conducted within the past five years and must demonstrate new and spirited thinking.

Eligibility: Individual faculty members or a team of faculty are eligible. These parties can nominate themselves or others. Winners do not have to be members of the AAA Diversity Section to receive the plaque but must be members to receive the monetary award.

Nomination Procedures: To submit a nomination, email a pdf file of the nominated paper and an accompanying nomination letter to the Chair of the Awards Committee. Also include a contact person and address to whom the Award Committee can send requests for additional information. Papers not selected for the award may be re-submitted for nomination in subsequent years, subject to the five-year limitation.

Award Committee and Submission Instructions: Nominations will be evaluated by an Awards Committee appointed by the Diversity Section Awards Chairperson. Nominations must be emailed by March 1, annually to the Chair of the Awards Committee: Nelson Alino at nualino@quinnipiac.edu

Presentation of Award: The Award will be presented during the Diversity Section Business Meeting and Lunch at the AAA Annual Meeting in August.

Veena L. Brown, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dear Members of the Diversity Section,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I address you as the newly elected President of the Diversity Section of the American Accounting Association. I am deeply honored (and pleasantly surprised) to have been entrusted with this esteemed position.

First and foremost, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our members, both longstanding and newly joined as we begin this new year. The Diversity Section is a community that thrives on the diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of its members. Our collective mission is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of accounting education, research, and practice. As the incoming President, I am committed to amplifying underrepresented voices, driving meaningful change, and creating opportunities for our members to succeed. I firmly believe that diversity is not just a buzzword; it is the key to unlocking our full potential as a profession.

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