Pay It Forward Campaign

The Diversity Section of the American Accounting Association is currently holding its "Pay It Forward"campaign. This campaign supports our PhD student travel scholarship initiative. Our section has been able to sponsor at least two, and in our recent years up to five PhD students with a travel scholarship to our midyear conference with the donations from key members and our partner, University of Louisville.

For the 2018 midyear conference, donations to the Pay It Forward fund will support at least two travel scholarships in honor of Dr. Kathryn Epps. We invite each Diversity Section member to donate a minimum of $25 to support our future faculty members with travel scholarships.

   •You can donate to either the Pay It Forward Fund or the Michael Clement and Mark Dawkins Scholarship Fund. 
   •All donations regardless of the fund will support our student travel scholarships. 
   •To access the donation page please CLICK HERE and log in using your AAA member ID and password
   •Click on the drop down arrow to select and donate to the DIV Clement Funds or the DIV Pay It Forward Fund

We thank you in advance for your support!


Dear Diversity Section Members:

It was not my intent to start a letter to the section this way, but this announcement does fit in with the theme. Barbee Oakes has retired from the AAA to concentrate on her health. I ask that you send healing thoughts/wishes/prayers her way. In an unretirement, she joined as Chief Diversity Officer at the AAA. In her short time at AAA, she has brought a welcome light along with tremendous experience and expertise.

The tool she developed in the DEIB Certificate places much of that expertise into a series of modules that I encourage you not to merely view passively and earn the certificate, but to embrace and use as a tool for starting conversations among your colleagues. You may ask (and I have already been asked/challenged), “Why do I need a DEIB certificate?” As Diversity Section members, we think about these issues more than most already. However, I am struck by the words of Billy Williams, KPMG Houston Partner and DEI Leader who spoke at the joint Diversty/TLC Midyear in October, when he said, “Nobody is a diversity expert.” So, while you may not need it, I guarantee you will learn something from it.

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