To stimulate interchange and research on the relationship between behavioral science and accounting. This might include, for example, the behavioral impact of accounting information, the incorporation of behavioral and attitudinal measures in accounting and human resource accounting.

To promote the integration of organizational and general system theories with developments in accounting theory. The former might include such constructs as organizational effectiveness, open vs. closed systems, contingency theory, constituencies, organizational adaptability or resilience, and social responsibility accounting.

2018 - 2019 Officers

Officer Archives

Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Phone: (314) 516-6764
Email: moehrlej@umsl.edu
Gary Spraakman
York University
Phone: (416) 736-2100
Email: garys@yorku.ca

Vice President-Communications
Stephan Fafatas
Washington and Lee University
Phone: (540) 458-8222
Email: sfafatas@wlu.edu
Vice President-Partnerships
Tom King
Case Western Reserve University
Phone: (216) 368-6091
Email: thomas.a.king@case.edu

Stephanie Moussalli
University of Mississippi
Phone: (662) 236-3087
Email: sdmoussa@olemiss.edu
Yvette Lazdowski
University of New Hampshire at Manchester
Phone: (603) 630-3863
Email: Yvette.Lazdowski@unh.edu

Council Representative
Dale Flesher
University of Mississippi
Phone: (662) 915-7623
Email: acdlf@olemiss.edu

Editorial and Administrative Personnel

Editor- Accounting Historians Journal
Bill Black
University of North Georgia
Phone: (678) 717.3680
Email: william.black@ung.edu
Academy Administrator and Editor, The Accounting Historians Notebook
Tiffany Welch
Case Western Reserve University
Phone: (216) 368-2058
Email: acchistory@case.edu


C. Richard Baker (August 2019)
Northern Illinois University 
Email: Baker3@adelphi.edu
Robert Colson (August 2020) 
CUNY - Baruch College
Email: Robert.Colson@baruch.cuny.edu
Joann Noe Cross (August 2020) 
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Email: crossj@uwosh.edu
Dale Flesher (August 2019)
The University of Mississippi
Email: acdlf@olemiss.edu
Delfina Gomes (August 2019)
University of Minho
Email: dgomes@eeg.uminho.pt
Daoyang Guo (August 2018)
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Email: dyguo@znufe.edu.cn
Oktay Guvemli (August 2019)
Marmara Üniversitesi
Email: oktay_guvemli@yahoo.co.uk
Mikhail Kuter (August 2018)
Kuban State University
Email: prof.kuter@mail.ru
Yoshinao Matsumoto (August 2018)
Kansai University
Email: yosmatsu@kansai-u.ac.jp
Gary J. Previts (August 2019)
Case Western Reserve University
Email: gary.previts@case.edu
Alan Sangster (August 2019)
University of Sussex
Email: A.Sangster@sussex.ac.uk
Stephania Servalli (August 2020)
University of Bergamo
Email: stefania.servalli@unibg.it
Massino Sargiacomo (August 2019)
Universite degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti – Pescara
Email: msargiacomo@unich.it
Mary Stone, Corporate Agent
The University of Alabama


Executive Advisory Group

  • President, Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • President-Elect, Gary Spraakman, York University
  • Vice President-Communications, Stephan Fafatas, Washington and Lee University
  • Vice President-Partnerships, Tom King, Case Western Reserve University
  • Secretary, Stephanie Moussalli, University of Mississippi
  • Treasurer, Yvette Lazdowski, University of New Hampshire at Manchester
  • Council Representative, Dale Flesher, University of Mississippi
  • Advisory, Tiffany Welch, Case Western Reserve University

Nominating Committee

Bob Colson (Chair)
Dale Flesher
Steve Moehrle
Gary Previts
Massimo Sargiacomo
Mary Stone