To stimulate interchange and research on the relationship between behavioral science and accounting. This might include, for example, the behavioral impact of accounting information, the incorporation of behavioral and attitudinal measures in accounting and human resource accounting.

To promote the integration of organizational and general system theories with developments in accounting theory. The former might include such constructs as organizational effectiveness, open vs. closed systems, contingency theory, constituencies, organizational adaptability or resilience, and social responsibility accounting.

2017 - 2018 Officers

Officer Archives

Alisa Brink
Virginia Commonwealth University
301 W. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23284
Phone: 804-828-7117
Email: agbrink@vcu.edu
Immediate Past President
Sally Widener
Clemson University
School of Accountancy and Finance
300 Sirrine Hall Box 341303
Clemson, SC 29634
Phone: 713-348-3596 
Email: kwidene@clemson.edu


Molly Mercer
DePaul University
Email: mmercer2@depaul.edu
Margaret Christ
University of Georgia
J.M. Tull School of Accounting
240 Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30606
Phone: 706-542-3602
Email: mchrist@uga.edu


Vice President (Regions)
Shana Clor-Proell
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Phone: 607-280-4863
Email: s.proell@tcu.edu
Council Representative
Kathy Rupar
University of Florida
Email: kathy.rupar@scheller.gatech.edu



Journal (Behavioral Research in Accounting) Senior Editor
June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2020

Steve Salterio
Queen's University
Phone:  613-533-6926
Email:  salterio@queensu.ca
Journal (Behavioral Research in Accounting) Past Editor
June 1, 2014 – May 31, 2017

Rick Hatfield
University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa
Phone: 205-348-2901
Email: rhatfiel@cba.au.edu


Michael Meyer
University of Notre Dame
Phone: 574-631-4536
Email: mmeyer9@nd.edu


Working Paper Series Coordinator
John T. Rigsby
Mississippi State University
Phone: 662-325-3710
Email: jrigsby@cobilan.msstate.edu


Committee Chairpersons

ABO Awards Committee
Axel Schutz
La Trobe University
Phone: + 61394793923
Email:  a.schutz@latrobe.edu.au
Nominations Committee
Lisa Victoravich
University of Denver
Phone: 303-871-4278
Email:  lvictora@du.edu


Publications Committee
Kathy Kadous
Emory University 
Phone: 404-727-4967
Email: Kathryn.kadous@emory.edu


Conference Coordinators

2017 ABO Research Conference Coordinator
Robin Radtke
Clemson University
Email: radtke@clemson.edu

2017 ABO Research Conference 
Assistant Coordinator
Fengchun Tang
Virginia Commonwealth University
Email:  ftang@vcu.edu



2017 ABO Doctoral Consortium Coordinator
Kerry Humphreys 
UNSW Australia 
Phone: +61293855833 
Email: k.humphreys@unsw.edu.au

2017 ABO Doctoral Consortium Coordinator Assistant
Linda Chang
UNSW Australia 
Phone: + 61293855817
Email: linda.chang@unsw.edu.au


2017 AAA Annual Meeting Coordinator
Laurie Burney
Baylor University
Email:  Laurie.Burney@Baylor.edu

2017 AAA Annual Meeting 
Assistant Coordinator
Bernhard Reichert
Drexel University
Email:  bernhardreichert@me.com


Regional Coordinators

Lasse Mertins
Johns Hopkins University
Phone: 410-234-9421
Email: lasse.mertins@jhu.edu
Jodi Gissel McDowell
Marquette University
Phone: 414-288-8041
Email: Jodi.gissel@marquette.edu


Cynthia Blanthorne
University of Rhode Island
Phone: 401-874-4363
Email: blanthorne@uri.edu
R. Drew Sellers
Kent State University - Kent
Phone: 330-672-1123
Email: rsellers@kent.edu


Mark Mellon
University of South Florida
Phone: 813-974-6566
Email:  mellon@usf.edu
Jesse Robertson
University of North Texas
Phone: 940-369-8156
Email: jesse.robertson@unt.edu


Bryan Stewart
Brigham Young University
Phone: 801-422-5601
Email: bstewart@byu.edu


International Coordinators

Canadian Region
Pamela Murphy
Queens University
Phone: 613-533-3260
Email: pmurphy@business.queensu.ca

Australian and New Zealand Region
Axel Schulz
La Trobe University
Phone: + 61394793923
Email:  a.schutz@latrobe.edu.au


John A. Brierley
Sheffield University
Phone: +441142223431
Email: j.a.brierley@sheffield.ac.uk

Hun Tong Tan
Nanyang Technological University
Email: ahttan@Ntu.edu.sg