The purpose of the Auditing Section of the American Accounting Association is to give greater attention to the area of auditing. To fulfill this purpose, the Section has established objectives in three areas:

Education—to discuss, test, and disseminate various ways of teaching auditing and audit-related topics.

Research—to encourage, facilitate, and publicize research interests and projects in the audit area.

Profession—to create an opportunity for closer association between the profession and those who instruct in the field.


2017-18 Officers

Officer Archives

Rick Hatfield
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Phone: (205) 348-2901
Email: rhatfiel@cba.ua.edu

Past President
Karla Johnstone
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Phone: 608-262-3544
Email: kjohnstone@bus.wisc.edu

Vice President — Academic
Kathryn Kadous
Emory University
Phone: (404) 727-4967

Vice President — Practice
Dan Sunderland
Phone: (203)423-4652
Email: dsunderland@deloitte.com

Chad Stefaniak
University of South Carolina
Phone: (803) 777-7408
Email: chad.stefaniak@moore.sc.edu

Susan Scholz
University of Kansas
Phone: (785) 864-7554
Email: sscholz@ku.edu

Mark Taylor
Case Western Reserve University
Phone: (216)368-2073
Email: mht17@case.edu

Council Representative
Urton Anderson
University of Kentucky
Phone: 512-471-5339
Email: urton.anderson@uky.edu


Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory

Senior Editor:
Christopher P. Agoglia
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Phone: 413-545-5582
Email: cpa22@isenberg.umass.edu

Deputy Senior Editor:
Susan Scholz
The University of Kansas
Email: Sscholz@ku.edu

Christine E. Earley           
Providence College
Email: cearley@providence.edu

Lisa Milici Gaynor            
University of South Florida
Email: lgaynor@usf.edu

Yves Gendron                   
Université Laval
Email: Yves.Gendron@ctb.ulaval.ca

Udi Hoitash                        
Northeastern University
Email: u.hoitash@northeastern.edu

Jayanthi Krishnan            
Temple University
Email: jaykrish@temple.edu

Chan Li                                 
University of Pittsburgh
Email: chanli@katz.pitt.edu

Linda A. Myers                 
The University of Tennessee
Email: lmyers16@utk.edu

Vic Naiker                           
The University of Melbourne
Email: vic.naiker@monash.edu

M. David Piercy                
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Email: piercey@isenberg.umass.edu

Douglas F. Prawitt           
Brigham Young University
Email: prawitt@byu.edu

Jamie J. Schmidt              
The University of Texas at Austin
Email: jaime.schmidt@mccombs.utexas.edu

Ann Vanstraelen             
Maastricht University
Email: a.vanstraelen@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Gary Monroe              
UNSW Sydney
Email: g.monroe@unsw.edu.au

Thomas C. Omer             
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Email: thomas.omer@unl.edu

Consulting Editors:
Jeffrey R. Cohen
Boston College
Email: jeffrey.cohen@bc.edu

Jeffrey A. Pittman
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Email: jpittman@mun.ca

The Auditor's Report

Larry Abbott
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Email: abbottl@uwm.edu

Associate Editor:
Tamara Lambert
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Phone: 413-545-5653
Email: tlambert@som.umass.edu

Current Issues in Auditing

Dan Sunderland
Phone: (203)423-452
Email: dsunderland@deloitte.com

Greg Jenkins
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Phone: 540-231-2527
Email: greg.jenkins@vt.edu


Glen L. Gray
California State University, Northridge
Phone: 818-677-3948
Email: glen.gray@csun.edu

Section Photographer
Julia Higgs
Florida Atlantic University
Phone: 561-297-3663
Email: jhiggs@fau.edu

Committee Chairpersons

Annual Meeting Vice Director 
Brian Bratten
University of Kentucky
Phone: 859-257-1947
Email: Brian.Bratten@uky.edu

Annual Meeting Committee Vice Director 
David Wood
Brigham Young University
Phone: 801-422-8642
Email: davidwood@byu.edu

Annual Meeting Committee Vice Director 
Nathaniel Stephens
Utah State University
Phone: 435-797-8016
Email: nate.stephens@usu.edu

Midyear Meeting Committee 2017

Ling Lisic
George Mason University
Phone: (703) 993-7584
Email: llisic@gmu.edu

Midyear Meeting Committee 2017

Noel Harding
University of New South Wales
Phone: +61293856109
Email: n.harding@unsw.edu.au

Midyear Meeting Committee 2017 Vice

Tina Carpenter
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-3619
Email: tcarpenter@terry.uga.edu

Midyear Meeting Committee 2017 Vice

Margaret Christ
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-3602
Email: mchrist@uga.edu

Auditing Doctoral Consortium Committee Chairperson  2017
Linda Myers
University of Arkansas
Phone: 479-575-5227 
Email: lmyers@walton.uark.edu

Auditing Doctoral Consortium Committee Vice-Chairperson 2016
Jackie Hammersley
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-3500 
Email: jhammers@uga.edu

Auditing Standards Committee
Pamela Roush
University of Central Florida
Phone: (407) 823-5664
Email: proush@ucf.edu

Communications Committee
James Long
Auburn University
Phone: (334) 844-6214
Email: jameslong@auburn.edu

Education Committee
Edward B. Douthett, Jr.
George Mason University
Phone: (703) 993-4234
Email: edouthet@gmu.edu

Research Committee
Carol Callaway Dee
University of Colorado-Denver
Phone: (303) 315-8463
Email: carol.dee@ucdenver.edu

Membership and Regional Coordinators Committee
Ben Luippold
Babson College
Phone: 781-239-5995
Email: bluippold@babson.edu

Nominations Committee

Notable Contributions to the Auditing Literature Award Selection Committee
Linda Myers
University of Georgia
Phone: 706-542-3500 
Email: jhammers@uga.edu

Outstanding Auditing Dissertation
Selection Committee

Scott Vander Velde
University of South Carolina
Phone: (803) 777-6075
Email: vandervelde@moore.sc.edu

Outstanding Educator Award
Chris Hogan
Michigan State University
Phone: 517-353-8647
Email: hogan@bus.msu.edu

Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Award Selection Committee
Tina Carpenter
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-3619
Email: tcarpenter@terry.uga.edu

Distinguished Service in Auditing Award Selection Committee
Dan Sunderland
Phone: (203)423-452
Email: dsunderland@deloitte.com

AJPT Awards
Susan Scholz
University of Kansas
Phone: (785) 864-7554
Email: sscholz@ku.edu

Regional Coordinators

Mid-Atlantic Region
James McKinney
University of Maryland
Phone: 301-588-3266
Email: jmkinney@rhsmith.umb.edu

Midwest Region
Jack Armitage
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Phone: 402-554-2912
Email: jarmitage@unomaha.edu

Northeast Region
Udi Hoitash
Northeastern University
Phone: (617) 373-5839
Email: u.hoitash@neu.edu

Southeastern Region
Aretha Hill
Florida A & M University
Phone: (850) 599-8331
Email: hillaretha@aol.com

Southwest Region
Lili Sun
University of North Texas
Phone: 940 565-3077
Email: Lili.Sun@unt.edu

Ohio Region
Ben Hoffman
Kent State University
Phone: 332-672-1120
Email: bhoffm11@kent.edu

Western Region
Kathleen Rupley
Portland State University
Phone: 503-725-3133
Email: rupleyk@pdx.edu

Vida Botes
The University of Waikato
Phone: 64 7 856 2889 x8402
Email: vidab@waikato.ac.nz