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Plan and hold the New Faculty Consortium in accordance with established AAA policies. Specifically:

  • Review previous Committees' reports and other important background material.
  • Arrange for the conduct and administration of the consortium.
  • Assure a diversity of topics and speakers for the program to match the diversity of attendees.


  • New Committee members are appointed prior to the Annual Meeting by the AAA Management Team.
  • The Committee consists of nine members, including the Chair, Chair-Elect and Past Chair, serving staggered three-year terms.
  • Three Committee members constitute the leadership group -- a Chair, Past Chair, and Chair-Elect.
  • One new Committee member each year is named Chair-Elect by the AAA Management Team and this person serves one year each as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair of the Committee (a three-year term in all).


  • The Committee meets annually during the AAA Annual Meeting.
  • The next New Faculty Consortium will be held November 18-21, 2021.


  • To fulfill the Committee charge as above.
  • After the event takes place, a report to the AAA President, Board of Directors Liaison, and Chief Executive Officer is prepared by the Chair or Co-Chairs and should include an overview of highlights of the event, a description of the program and list of participants, actual expenditures compared with the budget and the effectiveness of the program as evaluated by the Chair or Co-Chairs, Committee, Presenting Faculty, and the faculty participants. The report is to be filed no later than July 1st.
  • If the Chair has any questions about the charge or responsibilities of this committee, s/he should contact the Chief Executive Officer, the President, or the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison.


Name / Affiliation


Term Length

Term Expires

Stephen Stubben
The University of Utah



Chair Elect
Teri Yohn
Emory University 



Past Chair
Weili Ge
University of Washington-Seattle



Frank Buckless
North Carolina State University
 3  08/2021

Shane Dikolli
University of Virginia
 3  08/2021

Amy Hageman
Kansas State University 

3 08/2022

Phil Lamoreaux
Arizona State University 3 08/2022

Dawn Matsumoto
University of Washington 3 08/2023

Leslie Robinson
Dartmouth College 3 08/2023

Board of Directors Liaison
Elaine Mauldin
University of Missouri-Columbia
AAA President

Professional Staff Liaison
Beverly Collins
Director, Special Projects