The Council Advocacy Review Committee (ARC) shall review positions forwarded by members of the Board of Directors, Segments, or Association-level committees, for suitability to represent an Association-level position. Position papers or letters approved by this committee will be put before the Council for approval as official positions of the AAA.


  • New committee members are appointed by the Council Chairs from among all Council members in June.
  • The ARC shall consist of eight members, including the Chair, and Chair-Elect, each of whom shall normally serve a two-year term, with one-half of the committee members appointed each year.
  • The Chair-Elect serves for one year, then as Chair for one year.

Estimated Time Commitment

  • The number of hours is dependent on whether there is a position statement to review.
  • The Committee meets virtually or in person as needed.


  • Fulfill the committee charge as above.
  • If the Chair has any questions about the charge or responsibilities of this committee, s/he should contact the Chief Executive Officer, the President, or the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison.
  • The Chair will prepare and send a progress report for the Council to review at the August Council meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the Council Chair and to Governance Manager, Barbara Gutierrez (


Name / Affiliation


Term Length

Term Expires

Randal J. Elder
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro



Vaughan Radcliffe
Western University



John Hepp
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign



Bambi Hora
University of Central Oklahoma



Sanjay Kallapur
Indian School of Business



Sidney Askew
CUNY-Borough of Manhattan Community College 2 08/2022

Alisa Brink
Virginia Commonwealth University 2 08/2022

Suzanne Lowensohn
University of Vermont 2 08/2022