Receipt, Disbursement, and Reimbursement of Funds

Three forms are used to track receipt of pledges and funds and disbursement of funds:

Form 5. Check Transmittal 
Form 6. Disbursement of Funds 
Form 7. Standard expense form used to process approved reimbursements of member expenses

These forms should be sent to:


Accounts Payable Department 
American Accounting Association
9009 Town Center Parkway
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 

Voice: (941) 556-4112 
Fax: (941) 923-4093



  1. Vendor invoices for goods or services, and reimbursement requests from officers/members for travel or other expenses should be approved in writing by the Treasurer of S/R/G (Form 6) before submitting to HQ for payment. The Treasurer has the option of indicating to which G/L account the expense should be charged.
  2. Reimbursements to the Treasurer should be approved by the President/Chair of the S/R/G. If there is no Treasurer, reimbursements to the President/Chair should be approved by the next highest ranking officer or supported by a board resolution authorizing the expense.
  3. Payments for expenses incurred through the HQ staff on behalf of the S/R/G will be approved by the staff responsible. These expenditures will be reported monthly to the Treasurer.
  4. Travel reimbursement policy should be consistent with AAA policies and any exceptions should be approved by the S/R/G’s governing board (Form 1):
  5. Section or Regional meeting expenses committed to and planned by the Program Director should be pre-approved by the Treasurer or the President/Chair of the S/R/G or conform with pre-approved budget.
  6. A budget for all S/R/G revenue and expenses should be prepared in advance of each fiscal year and conform with the monthly cash flow report format. The budget should also include line items for individual officer expenses (Form 2 [Sections] or Form 3 [Regions]). Sarasota staff will provide the necessary historical data and current policy for administrative charges when requested to assist with the budget process.
  7. Reimbursements to schools for administrative and editorial assistance and supplies should be supported by an invoice or other documentation from the school. Reimbursements to individuals for supplies, etc., should be supported by receipts. Requests for payment of stipends, honorariums or fees to individuals should include recipient’s Social Security number. (Form 6.)
  8. Checks received by anyone from the S/R/G for submissions, registrations, contributions or any other purpose, should be forwarded without delay to the Sarasota office with a completed check transmittal form (Form 5).
  9. The Treasurer and Regional or Section Meeting Program Director should determine, in advance, if any CPE workshops are to have net proceeds shared with sponsoring Sections or other groups or individuals, and advise the Sarasota office staff in order to ensure proper allocation of revenue and expenses (Form 10).
  10. Pledges of contributions from supporting organizations should be obtained in writing and copies sent to Sarasota so that receivables can be properly recorded and billed if necessary.
  11. Under the minimum cash balance policy, financial warnings will be triggered for any S/R/G that holds one or more meetings annually if such S/R/G’s balance drops below $10,000. Financial probation will be triggered for any S/R/G that holds meetings if its balance drops below $5,000, or for any S/R/G that does not hold meetings if its balance drops below $3,000.
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