The following awards were presented to the recipients at the various Section meetings at the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, which was held August 8-12, 2015. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Accounting Information Systems Section

AIS Best Reviewer Award - Journal of Information Systems

Margaret Christ
David Tawei Wang

AIS Outstanding Service Award - Editor

Carlin Dowling

AIS Distinguished Service Award - Council Representative

Elaine Mauldin

AIS Outstanding Dissertation Award

Rina Limor Hirsch
"Do Social Biases Impede Auditor Reliance on Specialists? Toward a Theory of Social Similarity"

AIS Notable Contributions to the Literature Award

Prof. Andrea S. Kelton and Prof. Ya-wen Yang
"The Impact if Corporate Governance on Internet Financial Reporting"

AIS Outstanding Service Award - JISC2015 Coordinator

Prof. Diane Janvrin and Prof. David Wood

AIS Outstanding Service Award - 2015 Midyear Meeting Coordinator

Prof. Georgia Smedley

Accounting Program Leadership Group Section
APLG Leadership, Initiative and Service Award

Frank A. Buckless

American Taxation Association Section
ATA/PricewaterhouseCoopers Outstanding Tax Dissertation Award

Erin Henry
"The Information Content of Tax Expense: A Discount Rate Explanation"

ATA/Deloitte Teaching Innovation Award

Susan Anderson and Lynn Stallworth
"Sweetness and Spice"

ATA Outstanding Service - President

Nancy B. Nichols
President 2014-2015

ATA Outstanding Service Award

Allen Ford

ATA Marty Escoffier Hospitality Award

Diana Falsetta
Vice President
2015 ATA Midyear Meeting Chair

ATA Outstanding Manuscript Award

Ken Klassen and Stacie LaPlante
"Are US Multinational Corporations Becoming More Aggressive Income Shifters?"

ATA Ray M. Sommerfeld Outstanding Tax Educator Award

John Phillips

Journal of the American Taxation Association Best Discussant Award

C. Bryan Cloyd

Journal of the American Taxation Association (2014-Volume 36) Outstanding Paper Award

Sanjay Gupta, Lillian F. Mills, Erin M. Towry
"The Effect of Mandatory Financial Statement Disclosures of Tax Uncertainty on Tax Reporting and Collections: The Case of FIN 48 and Multistate Tax Avoidance"

Journal of Legal Tax Research (2014 - Volume 12)) Outstanding Paper Award

John Gamino
"Taxing Nonrecourse Litigation Funding"

Auditing Section
AUD Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award

Mark H. Taylor

AUD Annual Meeting Section Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Catherine Engelbert

AUD Outstanding Service - Treasurer

Christine E. Earley

AUD Outstanding Service - Co-Directors 2015 Annual Meeting Program Committee

Jayanthi Krishnan, Kathy Hurtt, and Scott Showalter

AUD Outstanding Service - 2015 Annual Meeting Analytical Program Specialist

Martin Wu

Diversity Section
DIV Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award

Andrea Alston Roberts

DIV Excellence in Service Award

Maria Caban-Garcia and Nicole McCoy

DIV Sponsorship Award


Financial Accounting and Reporting Section
FARS Distinguished Service Award

Catherine M. Schrand

FARS Best Dissertation Award 2015

Jivas Chakravarthy
"The Ideological Homogenization of the FASB"

Lindsey Gallo
"The more we know about fundamentals, the less we agree on price? Evidence from earnings announcements"

FARS Best Dissertation Supervision Award

Rebecca Hann (for supervising Lindsey Gallo’s dissertation)
Shivaram Rajgopal (for supervising Jivas Chakravarthy’s dissertation)

FARS Best Paper Award

Catherine Schrand and Sarah Zechman
"Executive Overconfidence and the Slippery Slope to Financial Misreporting"

FARS Midyear Meeting Best Paper

John Graham, Michelle Hanlon, Terry Shevlin, Nemit Shroff
"Tax Rates and Corporate Decision Making"

FARS Outstanding Service Award - 2015 National Meeting Co-Coordinators

Jacob R. Thornock and John Campbell

FARS Outstanding Service Award - FARS Steering Board

Mark Bradshaw, George Batta, Jennifer Tucker, Michael Kimbrough

FARS Outstanding Service Award - Secretary/Treasurer

Ted Christensen

FARS Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Robert E. Verrecchia

Forensic Accounting Section
FAS Innovation Teaching Award

Srinivasan Ragothaman
"The Madoff Debacle: What are the Lessons?"

FAS Competitive Manuscript Award

Brigitte W. Muehlmann, Priscilla Burnaby, and Martha Howe
"The Use of Forensic Accounting Experts in Tax Cases as Identified in Court Opinions"

Gender Issues/Worklife Balance Section
GIWB 2015 KPMG Mentoring Award

Dr. Michael Kenneth Shaub

GIWB 2015 KPMG Outstanding Dissertation Award

Dr. Lorna Thomas
"Happiness in general and at work: A phenomenological study with US southern professional African American women"

GIWB 2015 KPMG Best Paper Award

Steve Buchheit, Derek W. Dalton, Nancy Harp, and Carl Hollingsworth
"An Analysis of Accounting Professionals’ Work-Life Balance in the Post-Sarbanes-Oxley Era"

GIWB 2015 KPMG Outstanding Published Manuscript Award

Arundhati Rao
Jane Baird
Leslee Higgins

GIWB Outstanding Service Award

Dr. Margaret Tanner
2014-2015 President

Government and Nonprofit Section
GNP Distinguished Service Award - President 2014-2015

Royce D. Burnett

GNP Enduring Lifetime Contribution Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Government and Nonprofit Accounting Research and Education

Penelope S. Wardlow

GNP 2015 Annual Meeting Best Paper Award

Randal J. Elder and Alfred A. Yebba
"The Effects of Local Government GAAP Regulation on Audit Market Concentration, Auditor Specialization, and Audit Fees"

International Accounting Section
IAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award

Greg Burton
President 2014-2015

IAS 2015 Ian Hague Award for Outstanding Service to the Section

Ervin L. Black

IAS 2015 Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award

Hsiao-Tang Hsu
"Comparison of Long-Lived Asset Impairments Under US GAAP and IFRS"

IAS 2015 Annual Program Co-Chair

Thomas Lechner and Ling-Tai Chou

Management Accounting Section           
MAS Outstanding Management Accounting Paper Award 2015

John Barrios, Marco Fasan, and Dhananjay Nanda
"Is Corporate Social Responsibility an Agency Problem? Evidence from CEO Turnovers"

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015 - First Place

Huaxiang Yin
"Can Employees Exercise Control Over Managers? The Role of the Employees’ Knowledge of Manager Behavior and Manager Discretion"

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015 - First Place

Eddy Cardinaels for Supervising Huaxiang Yin’s Dissertation

MAS Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award 2015

Julie Mundy
"Creating dynamic tensions through a balanced use of management control systems"

Jasmijn C. Bol
"The determinants and performance effects of managers performance evaluation biases"

MAS and IMA Jim Bulloch Award for Innovation in Management Accounting 2015

Betty Chavis, Glen Hatton, Randy Hoffman

MAS with CGMA, APCPA and CIMA - 2015 Best Early Career Researcher in Management Accounting

Jongwoon (Willie) Choi

MAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award

Naomi S. Soderstrom
President 2014-2015

MAS Service Award - Secretary/Treasurer 2013-2015

Margaret Shackell

Public Interest Section
PI Section Accounting Exemplar Award

Steven M. Mintz and Barbara D. Merino

Professionalism and Ethics Committee and PI Section - 20th Annual Symposium on Ethics Research in Accounting: Best Contribution to Teaching Award

Matthew Fish and William Miller
"SourceOne Furniture’s 300% Tariff: What’s Their Duty?"

Professionalism and Ethics Committee and PI Section - 20th Annual Symposium on Ethics Research in Accounting: Best Research from a Recent Graduate Award

Gilberto Márquez-Illescas
""Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" - Rivalry as a reason for release of information about firm’s corruption"

Professionalism and Ethics Committee - 20th Annual Symposium on Ethics Research in Accounting: Best Paper by a Doctoral Student

Hwee Ping Koh
"Can Anticipating Time Pressure Reduce Accounting Student’s Likelihood of Engaging in Plagiarism? An Experimental Approach"

Professionalism and Ethics Committee and PI Section - 20th Annual Symposium on Ethics Research in Accounting: Innovative Research Award

Michael L. Roberts and Theresa L. Roberts
"Examining the Tax Fairness Partisan Divide"

Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section
SET Distinguished Service Award 2015

Nancy Uddin
President 2014-2015

SET Outstanding Service Award 2015

Alexander Kogan, Editor Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting

SET Outstanding Dissertation Award 2015

Qi Liu
"The Application of Exploratory Data Analysis in Auditing"

SET Outstanding Educator Award 2015

J. Efrim Boritz

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section        
TLC Hall of Honor Award 2015

Susan Crosson

TLC Leadership & Service Award 2015 - VP Practice

John DeMelis

TLC Leadership & Service Award 2015 - Treasurer

Bambi Hora

TLC Outstanding Accounting Education Research Award 2015

Mark Holtzblatt and Norbert Tschakert
"Baker Hughes: Greasing the Wheels in Kazakhstan (FCPA violations and implementation of a corporate ethics and anti-corruption compliance program)"  

Two Year College Section
TYC Outstanding Service, Support and Dedication Award 2015

Susan Crosson

TYC Two Year College Educator of the Year Award 2014-2015

Gregory Hubner