The following awards were presented to the recipients at the various Section meetings at the AAA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, which was held August 5-9, 2017. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Academy of Accounting Historians Section

2017 Thomas J. Burns Biographical Research Award
Gary Previts, Case Western Reserve University

2016 Best Paper Award for Outstanding Contribution to The Accounting Historians Journal
Stephen Zeff, Rice University

2017 Barbara D. Merino Award for Excellence in Accounting History Publication
Martin Persson, Western University

2017 Margit F. Shoenfeld and Hanns Martin W. Shoenfeld Scholarship in Accounting History
Till-Arne Hahn, Queens University

Award of Excellence
John Richard Edwards, Cardiff University; Aleksandra Zimmerman, Northern Illinois University; Robert Bloom, John Carroll University



Accounting Information Systems Section

AIS Notable Contributions to the Literature Award
Rajendra Prasad Srivastava
“Belief-Function Models in Assessing Overall Information Quality & Information Systems Security Risk Assessment””

AIS Outstanding Dissertation Award
Pei Li
“Employing Belief Functions for Improving Rule-based Exception Prioritization IN Continuous Auditing Systems”

AIS Best Paper Award for the Journal of Information Systems
Robert E. Crossler, James H. Long, Tina M. Loraas, Brad S. Trinkle
“Understanding Compliance with Bringing Your Own Device Policies Utilizing Protection Motivation Theory: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap”

AIS Outstanding Service Award – President
Robert Pinsker

AIS Outstanding Service award – Editor for the Journal of Information Systems
A. Faye Borthick

AIS Outstanding Service Award – Reviewer for the Journal of Information Systems
Jake Rose

AIS Outstanding Service Award – Reviewer for the Journal of Information Systems
Andrea Kelton


Accounting Program Leadership Group Section

APLG Leadership, Initiative and Service Award
Sandra Richtermeyer, President

American Taxation Association Section

ATA/PricewatershouseCoopers Outstanding Tax Dissertation Award
Christina Lewellen
“Tax Haven Incorporation and Financial Reporting Transparency”

ATA/Deloitte Teaching Innovation Award
Mollie Adams, Kerry Inger, Michele Meckfessel
“The Not So Pokey Hokies”

ATA Service Award – President
LeAnn Luna

ATA Outstanding Service Award
Anthony Curatola

ATA Outstanding Manuscript Award
John Graham, Michelle Hanlon, Terry Shevlin, Nemit Shroff
“Incentives for Tax Planning and Avoidance: Evidence from the Field”

ATA Marty Escoffier Hospitality Award
Raquel Alexander
Vice President
2017 ATA Midyear Meeting Chair

Journal of the American Taxation Association – Best Discussant Award
Jaron Wilde

Journal of the American Taxation Association (2016 - Volume 38) Outstanding Paper Award
Brian Bratten and David Hulse
“Retroactive Tax Legislation, Reported Earnings, and Investors’ Responses to Earnings ‘Surprises’: Evidence from R & D Credit Extensions”

Journal of Legal Tax Research – Outstanding Paper Award
David L. Baumer, Wade M. Chumney, and Roby B. Sawyers
“Insider Trading and IRC Section 6103(e)(1)(D)(iii)”


Auditing Section

AUD Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award
Chris Hogan, President

AUD Section Annual Meeting Luncheon Keynote Speaker 
Lynne M. Doughtie

AUD Section Outstanding Service – Treasurer
Keith Jones

AUD Section Outstanding Service – 2017 Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Directors
Brian Bratten, David Wood, Nate Stephens


AUD Section Outstanding Service – 2016 Annual Meeting Analytical Program Specialist
Jian Zhou

Diversity Section

DIV Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award
Maria T. Caban-Garcia, President

DIV Section Excellence in Service Award – 2017 Annual Meeting Liaison
Royce D. Burnett

DIV Section Excellence in Service Award – 2016 Midyear Meeting Co-Chairs
Dereck D. Barr and Stephani Mason


Financial Accounting and Reporting Section

FARS Distinguished Service Award
Brian Bushee - President-Elect, President, and Past President (2014-2017)

FARS Section Service Award
Alan Jagolinzer, Vice President-Practice

FARS Best Dissertation Award 2017
Brandon Gipper
“The Economic Effects of Mandating Expanded Compensation Disclosures”

Danqui Hu
“Does the Public Availability of Market Participants’ Trading Data Affect Firm Disclosure? Evidence form Short Sellers”

FARS Best Dissertation Supervision Award 2017
Christian Leuz (for supervising Brandon Gipper)
Ole-Kristian Hope (for supervising Danqui Hu)

FARS Best Paper Award
Elizabeth Blankespoor, Gregory S, Miller, and Hal D. White
“The Role of Dissemination in Market Liquidity: Evidence from Firms’ Use of Twitter™”

FARS Midyear Meeting Best Paper Award 2017
Ed deHaan, Elizabeth Blankespoor, and Christina Zhu
“Robo-Journalism and Capital Markets”

FARS Outstanding Service – 2017 National Meeting Co-Coordinators
Nerissa Brown and Peter Demerjian

FARS Outstanding Service – 2015-2017 FARS Steering Board
Anne Beyer and Nicole Jenkins

FARS Outstanding Service Award – Secretary-Treasurer
Eddie Riedl

FARS Distinguished PhD Mentoring Award 2017
Dan S. Dhaliwal


Forensic Accounting Section

FAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award
Lester E. Heitger, President

FAS Dissertation Award 2017
Andrea M. Scheetz
“The Effect of Peer Reciprocal Relationships and Interpersonal Affect on Internal Fraud Reporting”

FAS Teaching Innovation Award 2017
Mahendra R. Gujarathi
“Diamond Foods, Inc.: A Comprehensive Case in Financial Auditing”

FAS Research Paper Award 2017
Hugh Grove, Tommi Johnsen, and Pei Lung
“SEC Comment Letters: An Unlikely Secret Weapon for Forensic Accountants, Short Sellers and Other Financial Statement Users”


Gender Issues/Worklife Balance Section

GIWB 2017 KPMG Mentoring Award
Dr. Andrea R. Drake

GIWB 2017 KPMG Outstanding Dissertation Award
Lawrence A. Lettau
“A Study of the Perceptions of Minnesota and Texas Workers on Tax Evasion”

GIWB 2017 KPMG Best Paper Award
Christian Bailey, Steve Buchheit, and Kevin Kim
“Watching the Glass Ceiling: An Investigation of Financial Presentation Modality and Gender Bias”

GIWB 2017 KPMG Outstanding Published Manuscript Award
Dr. L. Murphy Smith
Dr. Tracy R. Brower
Dr. Katherine Taken Smith

GIWB Outstanding Service Award – President
Dr. Arundhati Rao


Government and Nonprofit Section

GNP Distinguished Service Award
Alan K. Styles, President 2016-2017

GNP 2017 Annual Meeting Best Paper Award
Leo Tang and  Pei Li
“Are Investors Fixated on Credit Ratings? Evidence form the Municipal Bond Market”

GNP 2017 Outstanding Dissertation Award
Orrin James Swift
“Effects of Board Compensation on Pricing of Charity Care Among Nonprofit Hospitals”

GNP 2017 Midyear Meeting Best Paper Award
Saleha B. Khumawala, Tharindra S. Ramasinnghe and Claire J. Yan
“Real effects of Governmental Accounting Standards: Evidence from GASB No. 53: Accounting and financial reporting for derivative instruments”


International Accounting Section

IAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service
Mahendra Gujarathi, President 2016-2017

IAS 2017 Ian Hague Award for Outstanding Service to the Section
Elizabeth Gordon

IAS 2017 Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award
Christina Lewellen
“Tax haven incorporation and financial reporting transparency”

IAS 2017 Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award
Paul Munter

IAS 2017 Annual Meeting Luncheon Speaker
Barbara Wight

IAS 2017 Annual Meeting Program Co-Chairs
Siva Nathan and Wendy Wilson

IAS 2017 Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) Best Paper Award
In-Mu G. Haw, Simon S.M. Ho, Yuansha Li, Feida (Frank) Zhang
"Product Market Competition, Legal Institutions, and Accounting Conservatism" Volume 14, No. 2


Management Accounting Section

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017
Shelley Xin Li
“Boss, Cut Me Some Slack: Control and Innovation in a Multitasking Environment”

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017 – Supervision
Dennis Campbell for supervising Shelley Xin Li

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017 – Runners Up
Jason Xiao
“Diffusion of Corporate Governance from Influential Adopters”

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017 – Supervision (Runners Up)
Wayne Guay for supervising Jason Xiao

MAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award
Kristy L. Towry, President 2016-2017

MAS 2017 AAA Annual Meeting Outstanding Management Accounting Paper Award
Andrea C. Pawliczek
“The Effect of Performace Shares on Executive Incentives”

MAS 2017 Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award
Raffi Indjejikian, Michal Matejka, Kenneth A. Merchant, and Win A. Van der Stede
“Earnings Targets and Annual Bonus Incentives”

Clara Xiaoling Chen, Michael G. Williamson, and Hailan (Flora) Zhou
“Reward Systems Design and Group Creativity: An Experimental Investigation”

MAS and IMA Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education 2017
Poh-Sun Seow and Suay-Peng Wong

MAS with CGMA, AICPA and CIMA – 2017 Best Early Career Researcher in Management Accounting
Martin Holzhacker


Public Interest Section

Accounting Exemplar Award
Anthony Menendez

Professionalism and Ethics Committee and PI Section – 22nd Annual Ethics Research Symposium: Best Empirical Research Award
David Emerson, Ruilian Xu, and Ling Yang
“Investor’s responses to social conflict between CSR and Tax avoidance”

Professionalism and Ethics Committee and PI Section – 22nd Annual Ethics Research Symposium: Best Theoretical Research Award
Eileen Z. Taylor and Paul F. Williams
“Speculations about the Implications of the Pathways Vision for how we understand Accounting”

Professionalism and Ethics Committee and PI Section – 22nd Annual Ethics Research Symposium: Best Contribution to Teaching Award
Matthew Reidenbach and Ping Wang
“Heartland Payment Systems: Cybersecurity Impact on Audits and Financial Statements Contingencies” 


Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section

SET Distinguished Service Award 2017
Barbara Lamberton, President 2016-2017

SET Outstanding Researcher Award 2017
Richard B. Dull

SET Outstanding Dissertation Award 2017
Kyunghee Yoon
“Three Essays on Unorthodox Audit Evidence”

SET Outstanding Educator Award 2017
Bonnie Morris

SET Outstanding Service Award 2017
Daniel O’Leary 

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section

TLC Leadership and Service Award 2017
Cindy Bolt-Lee – Secretary

TLC Leadership and Service Award 2017
Tracie L. Miller-Nobles – Treasurer 

TLC Outstanding Accounting Education Research Award 2017
Anne Christensen, Jane Cote, and Claire Kamm Latham
“Developing Ethical Confidence: The Impact of Action-Oriented Ethics Instruction in an Accounting Curriculum”

TLC Outstanding Instructional Contribution in Accounting 2017
Katherine Campbell and Duane Helleloid
“Starbucks: Social responsibility and tax avoidance”

Honorable Mention for the Outstanding Instructional Contribution in Accounting 2017
John Geekie, Mark A. Holtzblatt, and Norbert Tschakert
“Should US and Global Regulators Take a Bigger Tax Bite Out of Technology Companies? A Case on Apple’s International Tax Minimization and Reporting Strategies

TLC Hall of Honor Award 2017
Alan Reinstein

TLC Leadership, Initiative and Service Award 2017
Kathleen E. Shoztic, Vice President-Practice (2015-2017)


Two Year College Section

TYC Lifetime Achievement Award
Lanny Nelms

TYC Two-Year College Educator of the Year Award 2016-2017
Markus Ahrens