The following awards were presented to the recipients at the various Section meetings at the AAA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA, which was held August 9-14, 2019. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Academy of Accounting Historians Section

2019 Thomas J. Burns Biographical Research Award
C. Richard Baker, Adelphi University

2018 Best Paper Award for Outstanding Contribution to The Accounting Historians Journal
Maria Ryabova, Lomonosov Moscow State University

2019 Barbara D. Merino Award for Excellence in Accounting History Publication
Kelly L. Williams, Middle Tennessee State University and Howard J. Lawrence, University of Mississippi

2019 Margit F. Shoenfeld and Hanns Martin W. Shoenfeld Scholarship in Accounting History
Joy M. Gray, Bentley University,
Jonida Carungu, University of Siena and Alessia Patuelli, University of Lucca

2019 Alfred R. Roberts Memorial Research Award
Brandi Holley, University of Mississippi

2019 Innovation in Accounting History Education Award
Edward Mendlowitz

2017-2019 Service Award
Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle, President

Accounting Information Systems Section

AIS Notable Contributions to the Literature Award
Elaine G. Mauldin and Linda V. Ruchala
“Towards a meta-theory of accounting information systems”

AIS Outstanding Dissertation Award
James Zhang
“Three Essays on Digital Annual Reports for Nonprofessional Investors: The Impacts of Presentation Formats on Investment-Related Judgments and Decisions”

AIS Best Paper Award for the Journal of Information Systems

Julia Higgs, Robert Pinsker, Thomas Smith and George Young
"The Relationship between Boar-Level Technology Committees and Reported Security Breaches"

AIS Outstanding Service Award – President

David A. Wood

AIS Outstanding Service Award – Journal of Information Systems Conference Chair 2019
Jennifer Riley and Rob Pinsker

AIS Outstanding Service Award - 2019 Annual Meeting Coordinator
Jian Cao

AIS Outstanding Service Award – Reviewer for the 
Journal of Information Systems
Vern Richardson

American Taxation Association Section

ATA/PricewatershouseCoopers Outstanding Tax Dissertation Award
Russ Hamilton
“New Evidence on Investors' Valuation of Deferred Tax Liabilities”

ATA/Deloitte Teaching Innovation Award

Christine Cheng, University of Mississippi, Pradeep Sapkota, University of North Texas, and Amy J. N. Yurko, Duquesne University
“A Case Study of Effective Tax Rates Using Data Analytics”

ATA Service Award – President

Kimberly Key

ATA Outstanding Service Award

Lil Mills

ATA Outstanding Manuscript Award

David A. Guenther, Brian M. Williams, and Steven R. Matsunaga
“Is Tax Avoidance Related to Firm Risk?”

ATA Marty Escoffier Hospitality Award

Pete Lisowsky
Vice President
2019 ATA Midyear Meeting Chair

Journal of the American Taxation Association  – 2019 Best Discussant Award

Michael P. Donohoe

Journal of the American Taxation Association (2018 - Volume 40) Outstanding Paper Award
Jaron H. Wilde and Ryan Wilson
“Perspectives on Corporate Tax Planning: Observations from the Past Decade”

Journal of Legal Tax Research – 2019 Outstanding Paper Award
Brett L. Bueltel and A. Kelly Walker
“A Legal Analysis of State Tax Policy for Online Sales: The Recipe from Direct Marketing

Auditing Section

Auditing Section Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award
Rick Hatfield, President (2017-2018)

Auditing Section Section Annual Meeting Luncheon Keynote Speaker 
John King

Auditing  Section Outstanding Service – Treasurer
Chad Stefaniak (2017-2019)

Auditing Section Outstanding Service – 2019 Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Directors
Scott Bronson, Tamara Lambert, Joe Schroeder, and Karen Ton

Diversity Section

DIV Section Excellence in Service Award - Treasurer
Robert Marley, University of Tampa

DIV Section Excellence in Service Award - 2019 Annual Meeting Chair
Michael Kimbrough, University of Maryland

DIV Section Excellence in Service Award – Organizer of the Faculty Mentorship Program
Nerissa Brown, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

DIV Section Innovation in Research Award - In Recognition of Your Award Winning Documentary Examining Government Fraud
Kelly Richmond Pope, DePaul University

Financial Accounting and Reporting Section

FARS Distinguished Service Award
Lisa Koonce - President-Elect, President, and Past President (2016-2019)

FARS Distinguished Service Award
Brian Bushee - Council Representative (2017-2019)

FARS Section Service Award
Mark Kohlbeck, Secretary-Treasurer (2017-2019)

FARS Section Service Award
John Hepp, Vice President - Practice (2017-2019)

FARS Best Dissertation Award 2019
Stephen Glaeser, University of Pennsylvania 

FARS Best Dissertation Supervision Award 2019
Christopher Armstrong and Robert W. Holthausen (for co-supervising Stephen Glaeser)

FARS Best Paper Award - Contemporary Accounting Research 
Michael S. Drake, Darren T. Roulstone, and Jacob R. Thornock
“The Determinates and Consequences of Information Acquisition via EDGAR ”

FARS Midyear Meeting Best Paper Award 2019
Matthias Breuer
“How Does Financial-Reporting Regulation Affect Market-Wide Resource Allocation?”

FARS Outstanding Service – 2019 National Meeting Co-Coordinators
Rebecca Files and Marcus Kirk

FARS Outstanding Service – 2015-2019 FARS Steering Board
Brad Badertscher, Linda Myers, Jake Thornock, and Frank Zhang

FARS Lifetime Achievement Award - 2019
Daniel W. Collins

FARS Outstanding Service Award – 2019 Journal of Financial Reporting Editor
Anne Beatty

Forensic Accounting Section

FA Outstanding Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award
Ronald J. Daigle, President (2017-2019)

FA Dissertation Award 2019
Don Ariail
“The Person-Organization Fit of Accounting Students: Long-Term Value Change Following an Education Intervention”

FA Teaching Innovation Award 2019
Thomas R. Weirich
“AIM Corporation: A Business Fraud Case Study”

FA Research Paper Award 2019
Jessen L. Hobson, William J. Mayew, Mark E. Peecher, and Mohan Venkatachalam
“Improving Experienced Auditors' Detection of Deception in CEO Narratives”
FA Section Outstanding Service - Inaugural Editor of the Journal of Forensic Accounting Research
Charles D. Bailey (2014-2018)

Gender Issues/Worklife Balance Section

GIWB 2019 Enduring Lifetime Contribution Award
Mary Fischer

GIWB 2019 KPMG Outstanding Dissertation Award
Dr. Donald L. Ariail
“The person-organization fit of accounting students: long-term value change following an education intervention”

GIWB 2019 KPMG Best Paper Award
Yugi Gu and Connie X. Mao
“Local Religious Belief and Workplace Safety”

GIWB 2019 KPMG Outstanding Published Manuscript Award
Dr. Hannah Michelle Russell and Dr. Lawrence Murphy Smith
"How Corporate Internal Auditors can Advance Gender Equality"

GIWB Outstanding Service Award – President
Dr. Donald L. Ariail
2019 KPMG Mentoring Award

Dr. James J. Benjamin

Government and Nonprofit Section

GNP Distinguished Service Award
Tammy Waymire, President 2018-2019

GNP 2019 Enduring Lifetime Contribution Award
Mary Fischer 

GNP 2019 Annual Meeting Best Paper Award
Qianhua Ling and Joseph Wall
“Lowering Standards: Unintended Consequences of 990-N and Value Congruence on Cost Shifting”

GNP 2019 Outstanding Dissertation Award
Julie Mercado
“Donor Decision-Making Involving Construal-Level Theory and Not-for-Profit Accounting Performance Measures”

International Accounting Section

IAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service
Steve Lin, President 2018-2019

IAS 2019 Ian Hague Award for Outstanding Service to the Section
Teresa Conover

IAS 2019 Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award
Aaron Yoon
“Navigating Weak Institutions through Foreign Brokers”

IAS 2019 Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award
Wim A. Van der Stede

IAS 2019 Annual Program Co-Chairs
Pietro Bianchi and Wendy Wilson

IAS 2019 Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) Best Paper Award
Christof Beuselinck, Inder K. Khurana, Philip P. M. Joos, and Sofie van der Meulen
"Which Analysts Benefitted Most from Mandatory IFRS Adoption in Europe?"  Volume 16, No. 3, 2017

IAS 2019 Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) Best Reviewer Award
Weishi Jia, Christo Karuna, and Aaron Yoon

Joint International Conference of the Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) and University of Adelaide, Australia (2017)
Paul Coram, Chair

Joint International Conference of the Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) and Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy (2018)
Marco Fasan, Chair

Management Accounting Section

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019
Carolyn Deller
“Beyond Performance: When Potential Matters to Employee Career Outcomes”

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019 – Supervision
Dennis Campbell and Tatiana Sandino for supervising Carolyn Deller

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019 – Runner Up
Joseph Burke
“The Role of Social Bonds in Understanding the Pre- and Post - Recognition Effects of Recognition Visibility”

MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019 – Supervision (Runner Up)
Gary Hecht for supervising Joseph Burke

MAS Leadership, Initiative, and Service Award

Anne Farrell, President (2018-2019)

MAS Service Award
Mina Pizzini, Secretary-Treasurer (2017-2019)

MAS 2019 AAA Annual Meeting Outstanding Management Accounting Paper Award
Gerardo Perez Cavazos and Jonas Heese
“When the boss comes to town: The effects of headquarters' visits on facility-level misconduct”

MAS 2019 Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award
Pablo Casas-Arce, Sofia M. Lourenco, and F. Asis Martinez-Jerez
“The performance effect of feedback frequency and detail: Evidence from a field experiment in customer satisfaction”

MAS and IMA Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education 2019
William Goldman

MAS with CGMA, AICPA and CIMA – 2019 Best Early Career Researcher in Management Accounting
Adam Presslee and Laura W. Wang

Public Interest Section

Distinguished Service Award - 2019
Charles P. Cullinan
Pamela Roush

Outstanding Service Award - 2019
Lisa Baudot
Charles H. Cho
Dana Wallace

Accounting Exemplar Award - 2019
J. Edward Ketz

24th Ethics Symposium Best Research Paper Award
Badriya Al Shammakhi, Higher College of Technology, Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman and Waymond Rodgers, The University of Texas at El Paso and University of Hull
"Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Approach in Enhancing Auditors' Fraud Risk Assessment"

Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section

SET Distinguished Service Award 2019
J.P. Krahel, President (2018-2019)

SET Outstanding Dissertation Award 2019
Feiqi Huang
Three Essays on Emerging Technologies in Accounting

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section

TLC Leadership and Service Award
Cynthia E. Bolt - Treasurer (2017-2019)

TLC Hall of Honor Inductee - 2019
Gail Hoover King

TLC Outstanding Accounting Education Research Award 2019
David E. Stout
“Further things I have learned...Selected reflections about publishing in accounting education”

TLC Outstanding Instructional Contribution in Accounting 2019
A. Faye Borthick and Gary P. Schneider
“Minimizing cognitive load in representing processes in a business process diagram: Capturing the process and making inferences about it”

Two Year College Section

TYC Two-Year College Educator of the Year Award 2018-2019
Connie Belden