Nominations for IAS Outstanding Section Service Award

The 2016-2017 IAS Outstanding Section Service Award Committee is soliciting nominations for the 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Section Service Award. To qualify to receive the award, the nominees must meet one of the two following criteria: (1) Be a current member of the section, or (2) If retired or deceased, must have been an active section member during his/her career. If at all possible, the winner should attend the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California to receive the award.

Please send nominations to Ole-Kristian Hope, the committee chair, by February 15, 2017.

Ole-Kristian Hope
Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto

Past award winners are:

Donna Street (2004)
NorlinRueschhoff (2005)
Hanns-Martin Schoenfield (2006)
Lee H. Radebaugh (2007)
Bruce Behn (2008)
Gary Meek (2009)
Robert K. Larson (2010)
O. Finley Graves (2011)
Jeannie Harrington (2012)
Don Herrmann (2013)
C. S. Agnes Cheng (2014)
Ervin Black (2015)
Michael Welker (2016)