Outstanding Educator Award

The Outstanding Educator Award is given in recognition of an educator for their outstanding education contribution in the field of strategic and emerging technologies. The winner of this award is honored with a plaque usually presented at the Annual SET Section Business Meeting.

The primary criteria for the award are:

  1. Educational impact made by the individual on the field of SET
  2. Originality and innovation of the educational contributions
  3. Contribution to the larger AIS and IS communities

Call for Nominations

Please send your nomination (as an attachment to an email) by March 1 annually to the Chair of the committee for this award:

Barbara Lamberton
University of Hartford
Email: lambertonb@aol.com

Selection process for the award:

  • The committee chair should receive the nomination by the deadline.
  • To be eligible for consideration, the nominee must be a current member of the AAA.
  • A member of the SET Section must nominate the individual.
  • The nominating letter must include a statement as to why the individual is nominated and an assessment of the individual's educational contributions.
  • SET section officers and award committee members are ineligible for the award.

(NB. - Educational contribution is broadly defined and not limited to any type of teaching contribution.)