2017 Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section Hall of Honor Award

The purpose of the Teaching, Learning & Curriculum (TLC) Section’s Hall of Honor Award is to recognize a TLC member who has provided outstanding service to the section for an extended period of time. To be eligible, one must have been a TLC member for at least 8 years when nominated. The person must have a record of distinguished service as a TLC committee member and served as a Chair of at least one TLC committee as well as an officer or director.

The following information will be helpful to the Awards Committee when evaluating a nominee:

  • Evaluations of the nominee’s committee service by chairpersons of committees on which the nominee has served. The evaluations may be solicited if necessary.
  • Evaluations provided by TLC members who have served on at least one TLC committee chaired by the nominee. The evaluations may be solicited if necessary.
  • Other information that the nominator feels will help in evaluating the nominee’s TLC service such as a resume or vita.

The Awards Committee will secure the nominee’s TLC service record. The award carries a plaque and monetary stipend and will be presented during the TLC Section’s business meeting in San Diego, CA in August 2017. Nomination procedures are as follows: the nomination must be made by a TLC member; there is no standard nomination form; and the written nomination should include a statement of support and any relevant documentation as to why the nominee deserves the award.

Nominations will be accepted through April 1, 2017. Send your nominations Tracy Manly, University of Tulsa, at Tracy-manly@utulsa.edu. Any questions may be sent through the preceding email address or by calling Tracy at (918) 631-3992.

Members of the Hall of Honor Awards Committee are:

Markus Ahrens, St. Louis Community College - Meramec
David Stout, Youngstown State Univeristy
Susan M. Curtis, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Mark A. Holtzblatt, Cleveland State University
Bambi Hora, University of Central Oklahoma
Sara Kern, Gonzaga University
Tracy Manly, University of Tulsa
Carol Yacht, Author, McGraw-Hill/Irwin