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March 18, 2021 3:30 pm Eastern 

How Useful are p-Values for Inference?

Moderator: Sudipta Basu, Temple University

Panelist: Bill Cready, UT Dallas

Panelist: Sanjay Kallapur, Indian School of Business

Panelist: Murray Lindsay, University of Lethbridge

Panelist: Ron Wasserstein, American Statistical Association

How Useful are P-Values for Inference?

Social sciences like psychology and economics and natural sciences like medicine and epidemiology find that many published results do not reproduce, and misuse of p-values and statistical significance is often identified as a potential reason. The American Statistical Association issued a formal statement on the use of p-values in 2016 and 43 follow-up papers in a 2019 special issue suggested ways to improve. Panelists will discuss the extent of this problem in accounting research and possible solutions.

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