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Thursday November 5, 3:30 pm Eastern

An introduction to how Research Notebooks can enhance your research workflow and impact

Presenter: Daniel Smith

An introduction to how Research Notebooks can enhance your research workflow and impact

Across accounting scholarship research methods have become more complex, and the analytics behind each paper are sophisticated, detailed, and often difficult to explain, let alone reproduce! Gaining popularity in the sciences and in data analytics, Research Notebooks are being adopted to organize ideas (and code), consolidate technologies, and document workflows - making research reproducible, reusable, sharable, auditable, and recoverable. This webinar will provide an overview of the benefits of Research Notebooks, and an introduction to Jupyter Notebooks as an example to illustrate how they can be used to streamline and keep a record of your research process. Doctoral students interested in starting their careers with well-documented work to build on in the future – and faculty ready to embrace new approaches to organizing and sharing their analyses– are encouraged to participate.

If you want to begin exploring before this session, here are three different opportunities:

  1. If you’d like to read – and to see how research notebooks can enhance scholarly publishing, this article provides that background: The Scientific Paper is Obsolete,
  2. If you’d like to watch - this video is a great introduction to using Colab - and by extension Jupyter Notebooks (Colab Notebooks are Jupyter Notebooks with a few user interface improvements.)
  3. If you want to do - Google makes available many example notebooks so people can learn new tech. This intro notebook can be used by anyone to get experience hands on with basic concepts. 


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