• Inaugural Conference:

    Accounting IS Big Data

    Our Mission: Engage academics, practicing accountants and technology leaders to explore the role of Big Data and analytics in all areas of the accounting profession and to identify the opportunities for accounting education and research.

Accounting IS Big Data Conference

The AAA's Centers for Advancing Accounting is pleased to showcase its inaugural event: the Accounting IS Big Data Conference, to be held September 3-4, 2015 in New York City at the New York Marriott Marquis located in the heart of Times Square.


Partnering technology leaders with experts from accounting practice and the academy, the purpose is to explore the role of Big Data and analytics in the accounting profession. With input from multiple fields, the anticipated outcome will result in identifying opportunities for accounting education and research.

Conference goals 

The goals of this conference are to develop:

  • An understanding of the current state of Big Data and analytics and the implications for the future 
  • A statement describing the role of Big Data in the accounting profession 
  • A research agenda for exploring how Big Data will affect accounting – and how Big Data can enhance accounting research 
  • A strategy for efficiently and effectively integrating Big Data into accounting curricula


The event is specifically designed to solicit input from multiple expert sources to contribute to the most productive outcomes and conference goals. Those especially welcome include:

  • Professional Accountants seeking academic partnerships to influence education and research
  • Technology Leaders to introduce current issues and forecast emerging Big Data issues
  • Research Scholars who are researching Big Data or related issues
  • Educators seeking data sets to develop Big Data activities for their classrooms
  • Section Leaders looking to explore Big Data opportunities and issues
  • Department Chairs looking to integrate technology into the curriculum