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If you want to run or walk outside during the annual meeting and blow off the treadmills, there is probably no better place than Chicago.   A running/walking group has been planned for the third straight year so that you can be assured of other AAA people to accompany you, regardless of whether you are fast or slow.  Please show up by 5:35 a.m. outside the main Hyatt entrance any morning from Sunday through Monday during the annual meeting.  The “shove off” time is 5:45 a.m.  Mollie Adams and Simon Petravick of Bradley University are planning to be there Sunday through Wednesday to help everyone get sorted into pace/distance groups and ready to shove off.  Duane Kennedy of the University of Waterloo will join them starting on Monday, so look for one of these people to reassure you that you haven’t risen so early in vain. 

The best route is to hit the Chicago Riverwalk near the Hyatt and take it toward the water, where you can link up with the Lakefront Trail.  Below are some links:
Chicago Riverwalk
Lakefront Trail

Once you’re by the water, you will realize that you can run just about as many miles as you wish without having to cross major streets!   However, beware that Chicago is having a 10K somewhere over there on Sunday morning.  Your leaders know where it is and can help the group to avoid it, unless of course you wish to run in the 10K.  If you have any questions, please email Keith Jones of the University of North Alabama (who unfortunately had to cancel his trip plans) at