2015 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp

December 4-6, 2015 • Hilton Miami Downtown
Miami, Florida


Photo Courtesy of Downtown Miami Panorama from the Rusty Pelican photo D Ramey Logan @ Wikipedia

The American Accounting Association (AAA) and the University of Miami are pleased to bring you the 2015 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp. This year's Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting & Research Camp will be held in Miami, Florida at the Hilton Miami Downtown.

The 2015 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting & Research Camp is a two-day forum for faculty and recruiters to meet and network with PhD candidates, attend 15-minute research presentations by job-seeking candidates, and interview a number of job-market candidates before making decisions about recruiting "fly-outs." This year's camp will bring together accounting PhD candidates, faculty from universities interested in interviewing candidates for faculty positions, and possibly recruiters from private sector firms. Don't miss out on the 2015 Event! The 2014 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting & Research Camp attracted 162 Job Seekers, 18 Observers, and 178 Recruiters!

"The Rookie Camp is full of excitement, possibilities, and a little bit of chaos. It is a unique opportunity to mingle with fellow job seekers and engage with potential employers. I found this event to be beneficial in finding a job at which to begin my career as an accounting professor.”-Kari Joseph Olsen, Utah State University

"This was my first time attending the Rookie Camp. What an incredibly valuable resource for connecting with candidates. It’s like speed dating on steroids but it was executed flawlessly. I was able to find quite a few candidates I otherwise would not have had an opportunity to meet.”- Stephen Wheeler, Associate Professor, California State University, Sacramento

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