Doctoral Consortium

One of the most important things academics need to do to get published is to present their work, which allows them to get feedback from peers and senior colleagues. This year at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting doctoral students just starting their research careers can do just that. The doctoral consortium will begin with a luncheon where distinguished faculty members will provide career advice including, but not limited to, advice on deciding on which job to take, and how to manage that first job.  The role of teaching vs research focus, research expectations, building up a research expertise, and choosing coauthors will all be addressed.  The consortium will then continue with a group of 4-6 student presentations selected through a competitive submission process, whereby the students selected will present to the panel and their fellow students, receiving feedback in the process. We are looking for students who have not yet proposed, and thus, can benefit the most from this feedback. We thus invite you to submit a 1-page proposal addressing what your research idea is, why you believe it is important, where you feel it fits into the accounting literature, and how you plan to execute your study.  Students whose proposals are accepted will be asked to provide a longer proposal/paper prior to the consortium.

The deadline for submitting student proposals is Saturday, March 15, 2020, 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Submit your proposal to Steven Balsam, Temple University at