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We would like to thank our sponsor for their generous support of the meeting:

Intensive Data and Analytics Summer Workshop for Accounting Courses and Programs

This Meeting Has Been Cancelled

Request for Proposals:

Submission Deadline February 14, 2020 (After peer-review, submitters will be notified around March 1, 2020)

Designed for experienced D&A, AI, RPA, and Blockchain faculty as well as faculty looking for opportunities to incorporate data analytics tools and mindset into their financial, managerial, audit, tax, AIS and data analytics courses and accounting programs. The workshop is a place for faculty to focus their teaching talents on the why and how-tos of data and analytics, AI, RPA, and Blockchain in preparation for Fall 2020 classes.

The workshop will consist of invited (TED talk format) plenaries and concurrent hands-on course specific, case and tech tools application sessions for every accounting or data analytics course or program. If you have developed a unique exercise, case, active learning exercise, online tool, or other pedagogical innovation using any aspect of D&A, AI, RPA, Blockchain, or other tech tools you’d like to share, this workshop is for you! We encourage you to contribute to the program by submitting creative and innovative session and mini-session proposals and by volunteering as a session moderator.

While submissions are welcome for all data and analytic related areas, submissions are particularly encouraged for:

· Master class sessions (50 or 100 minutes) that facilitate hands-on activities, including projects, cases, and modules for Auditing, AIS, Financial, Managerial, SET, Tax Data Analytics or other Accounting learning outcomes that faculty can implement in the fall.

· Mini-presentations that showcase a teaching strategy/program curriculum/course syllabi innovation that supports the learning of D&A, AI, RPA, or Blockchain. This interactive short presentation format (TED-like talks) allows presenters to present and then engage with colleagues during a Q&A to exchange ideas and resources. Slides are optional (no more than 6) and active learning activities preferred.

Proposal should include: A short description of the proposed session or mini-presentation and its learning outcome, including its general topic area, course(s), or program. Indicate the level of the session (i.e., novice or advanced) and if the session is hands-on. List the type of device(s) and/or software participants should bring to your session. Although there will be wireless internet connectivity at the hotel, participants will be encouraged to download and install any materials, apps, or software ahead of time.

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Submit your proposals by 11:59 pm EDT February 14, 2020 for the American Accounting Association's Intensive Data and Analytics Summer Workshop to be held June 8-11 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport, Orlando, FL. Your proposals will be peer reviewed and you will be notified around March 1, 2020 if you are selected to be one of the presenters. If selected, you are required to register and attend the complete summer workshop. Questions about submissions? Please contact Stephanie Glaser at


Magic Wands will be conferred for Best Brief (One page) Case, Best Robust Case, and Best Hands-on Session will be conferred at the Workshop. Submissions can be single author or co-authored with a faculty member or doctoral student. Award winners will be announced at the closing session of the workshop.

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