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2021 Accounting Information Systems Bootcamp
Integrating Disruptive Technologies into the Accounting Curriculum

June 3-4, 2021 │ Virtual Meeting

“Disruptive technologies undeniably top the list of those driving unprecedented changes in business today. Whilst bots have matured in their accuracy as well as their interactions with humans, the combination of machine learning, connected sensors and massive data gathering is shaking up industries like never before.”

KPMG Insights

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The Accounting Information Systems Section of the American Accounting Association is conducting an AIS Bootcamp, June 3-4, co-hosted by KPMG. This will be a two-day virtual conference, with sessions beginning each day at 11:00 a.m. Eastern and concluding at 5:00 p.m.

The accounting profession is changing at a rapid pace. The COVID-19 global pandemic, the Evolution of CPA initiative, and updated AACSB standards have only accelerated these changes. Disruption is the new normal and with it comes an increased need for technology proficiency and agility as routine task automation and data analytics skill requirements reshape the accounting profession. The accounting curriculum must prepare students with foundational skills for transforming business processes and embracing lifelong learning in uncertain market conditions. The mission of this boot camp is to increase the integration of technology literacy and business process content in the accounting curriculum.

The AAA AIS section is proud to offer “Integrating Disruptive Technologies into the Accounting Curriculum.” This two-day event will include discussions on current disruptions impacting the accounting profession and hands-on activities for the accounting curriculum. The event will provide exposure to disruptive technology topics.

The Boot Camp will be facilitated by faculty speakers collaborating with practitioners from national accounting firms, industry partners, and accounting organizations. The goal will be to furnish attendees with disruptive technology discussion points and developed instructional materials informed by practice for immediate use in the accounting curriculum.

Bootcamp Location
The 2021 Bootcamp will be virtual.

Thank you to KPMG for being the program host for the 2021 AIS Bootcamp.

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