The 2021 Forensic Accounting Section Research Conference will be held Thursday, March 4- Friday, March 5, 2021.

We are happy to announce our in-person conference will now transfer to a virtual setting while also preserving the key elements of our traditional program. Our members from around the world will be able to attend the meeting, interact with each other, and strengthen the work being shared. To make this a reality, we’ve designed and built a conference that lets you participate in sessions in a flexible and personalized way.

The conference will consist of keynote speakers, concurrent sessions dealing with a wide variety of fraud examination and forensic accounting topics (including whistleblowing), research sessions, panel discussions, case work, and other scholarly activity. The opening workshop on valuations tools and techniques, centered on NACVA's academic partnership, will be open to all participants.

This workshop relies heavily on NACVA materials and the FJAR Scratchpad case, introducing basic valuation approaches, the inclusion of historical financial results, specific firm attributes, relevant comparable market transactions and the reliability of the litigants’ valuation methodology with the goal of workshop participants including valuation material in the classroom. Jim DiGabriele, Brien Jones, NAVCA COO and Exutive VP, and Dick Riley, West Virgina University will be leading the Workshop.

More information to come and we look forward to “seeing” you there!