21PI04 Conference Banner

This will be the first joint conference between sections of the American Accounting Association and the Canadian Alternative Accounts Conference community which will be held virtually on April 15-April 17, 2021. The conference will include a Doctoral/Early Scholar Consortium on Thursday morning and plenary/panel and research paper sessions on Friday and Saturday.


The AAA PI and GIWB Sections and our partner AAC all view our accounting conference as a social activity, with important consequences for accounting practitioners and a variety of stakeholders. This conference seeks to bring members of our communities who have similar interest to promote knowledge sharing and research in an inclusive and supportive forum using a broad range of research methods and covering a broad range of issues.

The conference will provide participants with an opportunity to present their research and/or to participate in the discussion of others’ research in concurrent sessions, to hear from colleagues regarding contemporary developments in research, and to discuss different topics and issues regarding the undertaking of accounting research. We especially invite accounting researchers and doctoral students to present studies on the various social and ethical responsibilities of accounting, as well as work that explores measurement issues regarding the economic and social well-being of women and men in contemporary society. We also call for studies that challenge dominant representations of accounting in its diverse and multiple histories, contexts and communities.