Integrate Simulations into Your Accounting Courses with MonsoonSIM: See a Live Demo of How Cases are Being Used Successfully in the Classroom

April 5, 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm Eastern

Free Sponsored Webinar Information 1.2 CPE Credits

Increase student engagement and experience the future of business education with MonsoonSIM, the world's first experiential learning platform using Artificial Intelligence.

Teaching and Learning - Accounting with MonsoonSIM

This webinar offers a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic capabilities of MonsoonSIM, a comprehensive business simulation platform, through live demonstrations and real-world case studies.

The session will kick off with an introductory demonstration on the fundamentals of accounting education using MonsoonSIM. This will provide participants with a solid understanding of how the simulation can enhance the learning experience by bringing accounting concepts to life. Following this, our guest speaker, Johnny Deng, a renowned academic from Cal State, will delve into more advanced topics. With his expertise, Johnny will showcase the versatility of MonsoonSIM in illustrating complex managerial accounting principles, ensuring educators are equipped with the knowledge to cover a broad spectrum of accounting education, from basic to advanced levels.

Whether you're looking to enrich your curriculum with interactive learning tools or seeking innovative ways to engage your students in the principles of accounting, this webinar is designed to offer valuable insights into integrating simulation-based learning into your teaching strategy. Don't miss this chance to transform your approach to accounting education and prepare your students for the complexities of the business world.

About MonsoonSIM
Discover the thrill of business education reimagined with MonsoonSIM, the pioneering experiential learning platform leveraging Artificial Intelligence to redefine how business concepts are taught. Dive into our vibrant simulations and gamification techniques, designed to offer a lifelike virtual arena for both students and professionals to hone their business acumen. We’re proud to have a community of over 120,371 users from more than 200 academic institutions worldwide. At MonsoonSIM, we strive to make learning engaging and relevant to the evolving world of business.

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Learning Objectives: Learn how to integrate simulations into your accounting courses.
Learn how to enrich your curriculum with interactive learning tools.
Field of Study: Information Technology
Credit Hours: 1.2
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advance Preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based


Johnny Deng

Professor at California State University, Sacramento
Johnny Deng, Professor at California State University, Sacramento

Abdy Taminsyah

Abdy Taminsyah, MonsoonSIM


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