Say goodbye to paper!

The AAA is working hard to move to a paperless, on-demand CPE process. We are committed to reducing wait times for receiving your Certificate of Completion and improving your in-person event experience.

We appreciate your patience while we transition to an automated system.

What does this mean for me as an attendee?
Right now, continuing education at AAA in-person meetings will function as they did prior to the pandemic. This means you will still see paper sign-in and sign-out sheets at our events until we can finalize our new digital process.

Digital events will continue to utilize polling questions as a means for attendance verification.

When can I expect to see changes?
Our goal is to be fully automated within the 2022 calendar year. We will update this page periodically as we progress toward that goal.

Will I have to do anything differently?
For now, the process will be exactly the same as it has been. That means that the Annual Meeting will utilize our online verification system, and Midyear Meetings will utilize PDF verification forms. Check out the meeting web page for specific CPE instructions for each meeting.

We intend to keep the attendee experience simple. For any meeting, you’ll still need to: record your attendance in each session, complete the CPE verification form and submit it to . As we move to the automated system, our hope is that the entire process is done online – without the need to email a PDF form.

When the time comes to make the full transition, you will find updated instructions on this page, in emails, and on meeting web pages.