Studies in Accounting Research

The Research Committee is currently accepting proposals and completed works for evaluation for possible publication in Studies in Accounting Research.

SAR is a prestigious series that provides an outlet for seminal and innovative research not bounded by the usual space and topic constraints present in our journals. SAR is of significant benefit to authors in exploring a topic in great depth and as a resource for other researchers. At the 2007 Annual Meeting the Executive Committee approved the reinstatement of the monograph series Studies in Accounting Research (SAR). The AAA issued 33 SARs from 1969 through 2000. Interested individuals are encouraged to either submit a proposal or a completed work.

SAR Objectives

  • To provide an outlet for authors to develop an in depth consideration of a research topic or area
  • To ensure SAR are of high quality; and
  • To identify topics that are timely and of broad interest to our members.

Process for Submitting Proposals and Completed Works

  1. AAA Professional Staff will work with the AAA Vice President-Research & Publications to advertise and promote the Call for Proposal.
  2. Proposals should be of appropriate length and specificity to provide a basis to determine the likely outcome and value of the work (e.g., 5–10 pages).
  3. A vita from each author is required.
  4. Funding is not available from the AAA for the author(s).
  5. Proposals and completed works will be evaluated by the AAA Vice President-Research & Publications and the Research Committee for suitability. A review committee of three or more members will be established for an accepted proposal or completed work. The committee will provide comments and suggestions, and upon completion, make a recommendation to the AAA Vice President - Research & Publications as to whether the work meets SAR criteria.
  6. For proposals, the committee will also monitor the work as it is being completed. 
  7. Appropriate milestones and time limits will be established for the completion of the work.
  8. The selection of members of the review committee will be based upon recommendations of the author(s) and the AAA Vice President-Research & Publications with the objective of forming a mutually acceptable group that is highly conversant with the area and possesses established research records. The review committee may include a member of the Research Committee at the time the work is approved to provide continuity.
  9. It is envisioned that about one SAR will be published every year.
  10. The AAA will publicize, publish, and distribute sufficient copies based on orders received from members and non-members.

Proposals and completed works should be submitted to the AAA Vice President-Research & Publications, Mark DeFond, by either email or regular mail to:

Vice President-Research & Publications
Mark DeFond
University of Southern California
Leventhal School of Accounting
3670 Trousdale Pkwy,
Los Angeles, CA 90089