Executive Advisory Group

President, Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle, University of Missouri-St Louis (Chair)

Vice President – Communications, Stephan Fafatas, Washington and Lee University

Vice President – Partnerships, Gary Spraakman, York University

Secretary, Stephanie Moussalli, University of Mississippi

Treasurer, Yvette Lazdowski, Plymouth State University

Council Representative, Dale Flesher, University of Mississippi

Advisory, Tiffany Welch, Case Western Reserve University

Administrative Committees

Strategic Review Committee

Charge:  Advise the President on matters related to strategic review and renewal of the Academy and development of an action plan to implement these recommendations as appropriate. The President and President-Elect will chair this committee.

Nominating Committee

Charge:  Identify and nominate candidates for subsequent officers and trustees. Present the slate of nominees at the Academy's business meeting in November.

External Relations and Communications Committee

Charge:  Arrange for and staff the Academy's booth at the AAA Annual Meeting.  Arrange for the distribution of brochures about the Academy at the AAA Annual Meeting.  Edit and publish the Notebook. Arrange for and conduct a silent book auction at the Academy's annual research conference.

Research Conference Committee

Charge:  Determine the theme and location of the annual research conference. In consultation with the Officers and Trustees, agree on suitable hotel and related matters.  Prepare and distribute an announcement.  Publish a call for papers, read and evaluate papers, and arrange paper and plenary sessions. Collect all materials necessary for conference and oversee operations.

Regional Programs Committee

Charge:  Serve as liaison with the AAA regional coordinators. Encourage members and others to submit research papers or panels for possible that presentation at AAA regional meetings. Assist in publicizing technical sessions, papers, or panels at AAA regional meetings that relate to accounting history.

Doctoral Education Committee

Charge:  Recommend and foster initiatives that enhance the role and visibility of accounting history in accounting doctoral education and that foster Academy membership among accounting doctoral students.

International Initiatives

Charge:  Create an internal structure that permits the Academy’s geographically dispersed membership to have an active role in Academy operations. International Initiatives is closely linked with Research Conference Committee, Membership Recruitment Committee and Doctoral Education Committee.

Award Committees

The administrator of the Academy will solicit nominations for all annual awards.  The review and selection of awards will be completed by the Executive Committee with consultation of others as needed with the exception of the Alfred R. Roberts Memorial Research Award which will have its own unique selection committee.  All awards recipients are to be announced to the membership via email, published in the Notebook and announced at a business meeting.  For those awards for which a plaque is included, an in-person presentation at a conference will be made when possible.  Some, but not all awards, include a small monetary award.

Alfred R. Roberts Memorial Research Award Committee

Charge: To solicit, review and determine recipient(s) of grants to support research which seeks to support the 35 goals identified by Professor Emeritus Richard Vangermeersch as to accounting history research, as identified in the April 2012 issue of the Accounting Historians Notebook and which works to increase the scope of the history of accounting. Special Alfred R. Roberts Memorial Award Committee.

Barbara D. Merino Award for Excellence in Accounting History Publication Committee

Charge: To solicit, review and determine recipient who has authored the best book on an accounting historical topic published in a given year. Award: Plaque & $1000

Best Paper Award Committee

At the beginning of each year, the editor of the AHJ chooses 1st, 2nd and 3rd place recipients of the Best Paper Award from the previous year's journals. The 1st place recipient(s) receives a plaque and a check for $300, the 2nd place recipient(s) receives a check for $100 and the 3rd place recipient(s) receives a check for $100.

Educational Innovation Committee

Charge: Advertise, select, and present the Academy’s Innovative Teaching Award including publication of the award criteria in the Notebook and on the Academy’s ListServ and including securing a plaque for presentation at the Academy’s annual meeting. Award: Plaque

Hourglass Award Committee

Charge:  Solicit and review resumes of candidates for the Hourglass Award.  Select an award recipient who has made a major contribution to the history study of accounting history during the past year or who has made significant contributions to the study of accounting history over a sustained period of time. Present the award at the Academy's annual research conference.  Award: Plaque  

Life Membership Committee

Charge: Evaluate nominations of candidates for life membership in the Academy. Make a recommendation concerning new life memberships to the Board of Trustees. Arrange for recognition of any new life members at the annual research conference, on the Academy's website, and in the Notebook.

Richard G. Vangermeersch Manuscript Award Committee

Charge:  Prepare and publish announcements of the award. Select the outstanding manuscript under established guidelines. Present the award at the annual AAH research conference. Arrange for the manuscript to be considered for publication in AHJ.  Award: Plaque & $500

Schoenfeld Award Committee

Charge: Award funds to support doctoral dissertation research or works proceeding by recent PhD graduate during their pre-tenure period. Award: Plaque & $3,000

Thomas J. Burns Biographical Research Award Committee

Charge:  Solicit and review resumes of candidates for the Thomas J. Burns Biographical Research Award. Select an award recipient who has made a major contribution to biographical research in the discipline of accounting, subject to established guidelines.  Recipients of the award need not be members of the Academy.  Present the award at the Academy's annual research conference.  Award: Plaque & $500

Letter from the President

This is an exciting time for the Academy as we leverage our successful past to expand our reach as a 21st century global organization.

We have substantially completed the transition from a standalone entity during early 2018 and we are now operating as a section within the American Accounting Association (AAA). A transition team has worked diligently since late 2015 to transfer the operations and dedicated resources of the Academy of Accounting Historians to a section within the AAA structure and we were welcomed at the AAA Centennial meeting in August 2016 as the newest section of the AAA.

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Accounting Historians Journal

First volume was published in 1974. We publish twice a year. Older volumes are available online at AAA Digital Library

Overview of acceptable submissions:

  • History of profession
  • Biography
  • History of accounting change
  • Entity case studies: industries, companies, governmental or NFP entities
  • Development of accounting theory
  • Critical examinations of new or old research
  • Does not have to be old to be a part of our history

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Accounting Historians Notebook

Submissions and any other Notebook editorial matters may be sent to Tiffany Welch, Academy Administrator, at: acchistory@case.edu.

The 2018 April Accounting Historian's Notebook is now available online! View it now!