Thomas J. Burns Biographical Research Award

The Academy of Accounting Historians annually honors an individual as the recipient of the Thomas J. Burns Biographical Research Award. Dr. Thomas J. Burns, for whom the award is named, was a long-time professor at Ohio State University and a past president of the Academy of Accounting Historians. The Award is given for outstanding biographical research in the discipline of accountancy and can be for a single publication or for a lifetime of biographical work. Each nomination should be accompanied by a paragraph or more detailing why the nominee should be a candidate for the award. The award includes a plaque and a financial award.

Award: Plaque and $500

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Congratulations to the 2020 Award Recipients!

Professor Mikhail Kuter, Doctor of Economic Science (1991), is Chair of the Accounting and Audit Department at Kuban State University (Russia). Mikhail is the author of the first Russian textbook on accounting theory in post-Soviet times. His textbooks are popular and used for teaching in Russia and Belarus. He is also author of more than 400 papers, both in Russian and English; and has published a book of his own critical translation of Luca Pacioli's treatise De Computis et Scripturis into Russian. In recent years, his scientific interest has focused on the genesis of double entry bookkeeping. To assist him and his research team, he invented the method of logical-analytical modeling, which is actively used by him and his followers in their research of archival materials.

Marina Gurskaya is an associate professor at Kuban State University (Russia). Marina received her PhD in Accounting from Plekhanov University of Economics (Moscow, Russia) in 2004. Her research interests and publications are mostly related to the history of accounting.

Mikhail Kuter and Marina Gurskaya conduct joint research in accounting history and regularly participate in scientific meetings and conferences in this area of research. Several papers are published based on invented method of logico-analytical modeling. Papers are distinguished based on themes: medieval accounting statements, asset impairment charges and asset depreciation charges, profit reserve, adjustment entries, maritime insurance accounting and stages of development of the financial result formation system.

Alexander Kuznetsov is an Assistant professor at Kuban State University (Russia). He graduated Kuban State University in 2008 and received his PhD in Accounting from Rostov State University of Economics (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) in 2011. Alexander’s PhD thesis is devoted to the historical development of accounting in Russia. Together with Professor Mikhail I. Kuter, he took part in EAA Annual Congress and different conferences. His research interests are in the field of accounting history and theory, especially the origin and essence of the double entry. Also, he explores the works on accounting written by the outstanding Russian scientists of the past.

Past recipients of the Award:

2019 C. Richard Baker, Adelphi University

2018  Nohora Garcia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

2017  Gary J. Previts, Case Western Reserve University
2016  Martin Persson, Ivey Business School
2015  Tonya K. Flesher, University of Mississippi
2014  Massimo Sargiacomo, University of Pescara
      Stefania Servalli, University of Bergamo
      Paolo Andrei, University of Parma 
2013  Stephen P. Walker, University of Edinburgh
2012  No Award Presented
2011  Edward Coffman, Virginia Commonwealth University
2010  Laurie Barfitt, Western New Mexico University
      Dan Jensen, The Ohio State University
2009  E. Richard Criscione, Morehead State University
2008  Stephen A. Zeff, Rice University
2007  Donald E. Tidrick, Northern Illinois University
2006  Richard G. Vangermeersch, University of Rhode Island
2005  Dale L. Flesher, University of Mississippi

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