Life Membership Award

The awarding of a Life Membership in the Academy of Accounting Historians will be based on the following criteria [1]. These criteria are not an exhaustive list but are intended to provide guidance to the Selection Committee in its deliberations and decisions:

  • international profile and recognition – the individual should have a global profile and not one simply within his/her country;
  • the quality, importance and originality of the individual’s research program;
  • the scholar’s scope of work, publication record in various academic journals and edited volumes;
  • his/her active participation in the academy (in the generic sense and not only the Academy of Accounting Historians), including contributions to the field as journal editor, editorial board member, conferences, etc.;
  • the individual’s work and efforts to popularize history and accounting history, including editing and publication of works, and efforts to bring accounting history's past into the present through the publication of old documents or records or the re-publication of forgotten texts; and
  • the individual’s participation in the training of doctoral students, support and mentorship of junior colleagues including those whose mother tongue is not English.

[1] Adopted unanimously at the Academy of Accounting Historians Annual General Meeting, August 2007.


Send nominations to: Academy Executive Committee at


Congratulations to the 2024 Recipients! 

The Academy is honored to name Stephen A. Zeff & Mikail Kuter as Life Members of the Academy for their extensive involvement with the Academy and their support of accounting history research.


Past recipients of the Award:

2024  Stephen A. Zeff & Mikail Kuter
2023 Gary Spraakman
2022 Tonya K. Flesher
2021 Dale L. Flesher
2020 No award presented
2019 No award presented
2018 No award presented
2017 No award presented
2016 John A. Yeakal 
 2015  Sarah A. Holmes
 2014  Barbara Dubis Merino (Professor Emerita, University of North Texas)
 2013  Edward N. Coffman (Virginia Commonwealth University) & Daniel L. Jensen (The Ohio State University)
 2012  No Award Presented
 2011  No Award Presented
 2010  Thomas A. Lee (University of Alabama)
 2009  Richard K. Fleischman (John Carroll University) & Richard Brief (New York University)
 2008  No Award Presented
 2007  No Award Presented
 2005  Hanns Martin Schoenfeld (University of Illinois)
 2004  Richard Vangermeersch (University of Rhode Island)
 2003  James Don Edwards (University of Georgia)
 2002  Esteban Hernandez-Esteve (Bank of Spain) & Maureen Berry (University of Illinois)
 2001  Robert Gibson (Deakin University), Robert Parker (University of Exeter), David Forrester (Strathclyde University)
 1999  No Award Presented
 1998  Mervyn M. Wingfield (James Madison University)
 1997  Doris M. Cook (University of Arkansas)
 1995  Alfred R. Roberts (Georgia State University) 
 1994  Thomas J. Burns (The Ohio State University) & Eugene Flegm (General Motors Corporate HQ)
 1992  Richard Matessich (University of British Columbia, Canada)
 1991  Willard E. Stone (University of Florida)
 1990  Andrew Barr (University of Illinois)
 1989  Louis Goldberg (University of Melbourne)
 1983  Basil S. Yamey (London School of Economics)
 1981  S. Paul Garner (University of Alabama) & Ernst Stevelinck (Belgium)
 1981  Osamu Kojima (Kwansei Gakuin University) & Kojiro Nishikawa (Nihon University)

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