2019-2020 Call for Nominations and Award Selection Criteria

Deloitte Foundation Wildman Medal Award

Nominations Deadline: January 31 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time

History and Previous Winners

Deloitte Foundation

Thank you to the Deloitte Foundation for generously supporting this award!

The Deloitte Foundation Wildman Award Committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2019 Deloitte Foundation Wildman Medal Award.

The following rules govern the award:

  1. Subject to the further conditions as to eligibility set out in the following paragraphs, the medal and the related financial award is awarded annually at the American Accounting Association’s Annual Meeting to the author(s) of the article, monograph, book or other work, reflecting the results of their research or the application of the research of others, published during the five calendar years preceding the year of the award (2019) which is judged to have made or will be likely to make the most significant contribution to the advancement of the practice of public accountancy (including audit, tax and management services.) Note that in some cases a paper may be accepted for publication in a given calendar year and then may actually appear in a volume that carries an earlier calendar year as a publication date. In such cases, the year that the particular issue was actually published should be the date used to determine eligibility.
  2. A financial award of $5,000 accompanies the medal. In the event of multiple award winners, each recipient would receive $2,500 (up to three recipients; $7,500 maximum per year).
  3. Selection of the winner(s) will be made by a selection Committee to be appointed each year by the Council Committee on Awards Committees. One member of this Committee will be nominated by the Deloitte Foundation, if it so elects.
  4. The Committee may, at its discretion, decide that in any particular year no award will be made.
  5. The Deloitte Foundation will periodically decide whether to extend this program.
  6. It is required that the winner(s) be a member of the AAA on February 1 of the year in which the published work is being considered. In the case of co-authored work, at least one author must meet the AAA membership test. However, the monetary award and gold medal(s) will go only to the author(s) who do meet the membership test.


  • At its meeting in August 2015, the AAA Board of Directors accepted the 2014-15 Research Committee’s proposal to add the following new criterion to the Deloitte Foundation Wildman Medal Award: “Although the award generally recognizes a single publication, two or more related publications (co)authored by the same nominee(s) may be considered for joint nomination if they stem from the same program of study that addresses a well-defined research objective. In this case, each related publication must comply with all other eligibility requirements. Nominations of multiple related publications should explain the single program of study that justifies considering the nominated publications as a whole.”
  • At its meeting in March 1990, the AAA Executive Committee voted that the Deloitte Foundation Wildman Medal Award and the Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award serve different purposes and that it would be rare that one work would be the recipient of both of these awards.

Nominations Deadline

  • Nominations are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on January 31.

Instructions for Submitting Nominations

  • Members of the committee are encouraged to submit nominations. 
  • Current committee members who are nominated for the award will be asked to either recuse themselves from the committee or remove their nomination from consideration.
  • All nominees nominated for a given year’s award – who are not selected for that year’s award – will be automatically considered for the award for the following two (2) years – as long as the nominated work meets the publishing requirements (see below).  Nominees who were not selected for the 2018 Deloitte Foundation Wildman Medal Award will be considered during the selection process for the 2019 Award and, if not chosen for the 2019 Award, will also be considered for the 2020 Award.  At the end of the selection process for the 2020 Award, if a qualified nominee has not been chosen as the award recipient or has not been re-nominated, he/she will no longer be considered for the award.
    • Publishing criteria for 2018 Award - Nominated work must have been published during the five calendar years preceding the year of the award (between 2013 and 2017)
    • Publishing criteria for 2019 Award - Nominated work must have been published during the five calendar years preceding the year of the award (between 2014 and 2018)
    • Publishing criteria for 2020 Award - Nominated work must have been published during the five calendar years preceding the year of the award (between 2015 and 2019)

  • Each nomination must include an electronic copy  (Word or PDF) of the article, monograph, book or other work published during the five calendar years preceding the year of the award (2019) that meets the award criteria.
  • Please attach the nomination and materials to an e-mail and send to Barbara Gutierrez, Professional Staff Liaison at with "2020 Deloitte Foundation Wildman Medal Award" in the subject line of your email.
  • Upon receipt of your nomination you will receive an acknowledgment message from the Professional Staff Liaison.
  • All documents submitted in support of your nomination become the property of the American Accounting Association and will not be returned.  Do not submit irreplaceable documents.
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