Seminal Contributions to Accounting Literature Award

Previous Award Recipients

2022 — "Earnings Management to Avoid Earnings Decreases and Losses
by David Burgstahler and Ilia D. Dichev
Journal of Accounting and Economics, Volume 24, Issue 1, December 1997
Press Release

2019  — "Accounting Earnings and Cash Flows as Measures of Firm Performance: The Role of Accounting Accruals"
by Patricia Dechow
Journal of Accounting and Economics (July) 1994
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2016  — "Do Stock Prices Fully Reflect Information in Accruals and Cash Flows About Future Earnings?" 
by Richard G. Sloan
The Accounting Review (July) 1996
Press Release

2013 — "Earnings, Book Values, and Dividends in Security Valuation"
by James Ohlson
Contemporary Accounting Research, Volume 11, Issue 2 (Spring 1995)
pp. 661-687.

2007 — "Relevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Management Accounting"
by H. Thomas Johnson and Robert S. Kaplan
Harvard Business School Press 1987

2004 — "Towards a Positive Theory of the Determination of Accounting Standards"
by Ross L. Watts and Jerold L. Zimmerman
The Accounting Review (January) 1978

1994 — "Economic Incentives in budgetary Control Systems"
by Joel S. Demski and Gerald A. Feltham
The Accounting Review (April) 1978

1989 — "Information Content of Annual Earnings Announcements"
by William H. Beaver
Journal of Accounting Research 1968

1986 — "An Empirical Evaluation of Accounting Income Numbers"
by Ray Ball and Philip Brown
Journal of Accounting Research 1968