Call for Nominations

Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory Best Paper Award

The Auditing Section requests nominations for the Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory (AJPT) Best Paper Award.  The Section established this award in 2012 to annually recognize a paper published in AJPT that has had a significant influence on, or the potential to significantly influence, auditing research or practice. The assessment of what constitutes an outstanding contribution to auditing research is based upon the following criteria: (1) a demonstrable or anticipated impact on audit research or practice, (2) the importance of the problem(s) addressed, (3) the creativity of the research, and (4) the appropriateness of the theoretical development, research method, and analysis. Nominations for the award will be accepted from members of the Auditing Section and self-nominations are allowed.

The paper selected for the award will be chosen by the AJPT Best Paper Award Selection Committee. The committee includes the Senior Editor of AJPT at the time the award will be conferred, the most recent past Senior Editor, and three other members chosen by the Auditing Section Vice President, Academic. For the 2020 award, papers appearing in print in AJPT in in 2017, 2018, and 2019 are eligible for nomination.  Papers authored or coauthored by current members of the Section’s Executive Committee or the Award’s Selection Committee are ineligible for nomination. 

Nominations should include a brief statement (2-3 paragraphs) indicating the perceived or potential contribution of the paper.

Please submit nominations to Professor Scott Vandervelde via email (  All nominations must include a full citation to the nominated work and a detailed letter highlighting the reasons for the nomination.


A Journal of Practice & Theory Best Paper Award

2018-2019 (MYM 2019)
Lisa M. Gaynor, University of South Florida, Andrea S. Kelton, Middle Tennessee State University, Molly Mercer DePaul University, Teri L. Yohn, Indiana University Bloomington, "Understanding the Relation Between Financial Reporting Quality and Audit Quality”
Ryan Casey (University of Denver) and Jonathan Grenier (Miami University). 2015. Understanding and contributing to the enigma of corporate social responsibility (CSR) assurance in the United States. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 34(1): 97-130.
Henri Guénin-Paracini, Bertrand Malsch, and Marie-Soleil Tremblay. 2015. On the Operational Reality of Auditors’ Independence: Lessons from the Field. AJPT (Vol.34 (2): 201-236.
Knechel, W.R., G.V. Krishnan, M. Pevzner, L. Shefchik Bhaskar, and U. Velury. 2013. Audit Quality: Insights from the Academic Literature. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory  32  (Supplement 1): 385-421.
Brian Batten, Lisa Milici Gaynor, Linda McDaniel, Norma R. Montague, and Gregory E. Sierra, "The Audit of Fair Values and Other Estimates: The Effects of Underlying Environmental, Task, and Auditor-Specific Factors," Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory 2013, Vol. 32, No. Supplement 1, pp. 7-44.
David Piercey (University of Massachusetts Amherst) for his paper, “Documentation Requirements and Qualified versus Qualitative Audit Risk Assessments,” Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory (November, 2011), pp. 223-248.

Mark Nelson (Cornell University) for his paper, “A Model and Literature Review of Professional Skepticism in Auditing,” Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory (November, 2009), pp. 1-34.

Best Audit Section Midyear Awards

Best Midyear Meeting Paper Award

To recognize high quality submissions to the Auditing Section Midyear Meeting. Specific criteria are left to the discretion of the Audit Midyear Planning Committee. Factors to be considered by the Audit Midyear Planning Committee might include reviewer comments and reviewer nominations. The paper selected must be selected for presentation at a concurrent session. Members of the Audit Midyear Meeting Planning Committee are ineligible for the award. All papers submitted to the Midyear Meeting will be considered as nominations.

Lori Shefchik Bhaskar, Patrick Hopkins, and Joseph Schroeder, “An Investigation of Auditors’ Judgments When Companies Release Earnings Before Audit Completion”
Monika Causholli (University of Kentucky), Nicole Thorne Jenkins (University of Kentucky), Theresa Floyd (University of Montana) and Scott Soltis (University of Kentucky). "The Ties that Bind: Knowledge-Sharing Networks and Auditor Performance"
Daniel Aobdia (Northwestern University), Anup Srivastava (Dartmouth College), and Erqiu Wang (Northwestern University). 2015. The Economic Impact of the Employment of Foreign-Born Graduates in the Auditing Industry. Working Paper, Northwestern University

Best Midyear Meeting Doctoral Student Paper Award

To recognize high quality submissions to the Auditing Section Midyear Meeting. The paper can be single-authored, or co- authored. If the paper is co-authored, the PhD student must be the presenting author. The PhD student- author must be a PhD student as of the deadline for submitting the paper to the Midyear Meeting. The PhD student may be employed at an institution other than the PhD granting institution. The paper may be related to the dissertation, but does not have to be related to the dissertation. Submissions for this award do not affect the eligibility of the student to also apply for the Outstanding Dissertation Award or to receive the Award for Best Paper submitted to the Auditing Section Midyear Meeting. When submitting a paper to the Midyear Meeting, the PhD student should indicate in the transmittal email that the paper is being submitted for consideration for the Best PhD Student Paper Award.

2018-2019 (MYM 2019)
Kyrre Kjellevold, Norwegian School of Economics, "Company Valuation Specialists’ Interactions with Management and Auditors: A Field Study”
Wei Zhang*, Phillip Lamoreaux, and Michael Mowchan, “Spillover of Regulatory Enforcement Against Small Audit Firms”
Jacqueline Hammersley and Michael Ricci (University of Georgia). "Using Audit Programs to Improve Audits of Complex Estimates"
Yangyang Fan (University of Pittsburgh)
Cao, S., Y. Fan, G. Narayanamoorthy, and S. Rowe. Auditor Litigation: Consequences for Other Auditors. Working Paper, University of Pittsburgh.

AJPT Award for Outstanding Reviewer Performance

To recognize outstanding service provided by members of the Audit Section to the Journal, typically in the role of manuscript referee. Factors considered in recognizing outstanding service include, but are not limited to, the quality of the review reports submitted, their timeliness in completing assigned reviews, the volume of reviews conducted, and their willingness to accept review requests. The Senior Editor in consultation with the current Editors will nominate potential recipients.

2018 (this year the award was given to the audit section editors)

Yves Gendron (Université Laval)
Karla Johnstone (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Vic Naiker (Monash University - Caulfield)
Jeffrey R. Cohen (Boston College)

Lisa Gaynor (University of South Florida)
Robyn Moroney (Monash University)
Kim Westermann (California Polytechnic University)
Liesbeth Bruynseels (KU Leuven)
Kathleen Bentley Goode (University of New South Wales)
Scott Bronson (University of Kansas)
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