Call for Nominations

Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Award

The Auditing Section seeks nominations from the Section's membership for the Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Award to be conferred at the Auditing Section Midyear Meeting in January. The purpose of this award is to encourage innovation and improvement in auditing and assurance education. The award recognizes a significant activity, concept, or materials. The criteria used to judge the submissions include, but are not limited to:

  1. innovation,
  2. educational benefits, and
  3. adaptability by other educational institutions or to other situations.

Selection of the award will be made by the Section’s Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Selection Committee. Nominations may include, for instance, a set of teaching materials, a creative instructional strategy, or an insightful teaching approach. The innovation should have been implemented such that evidence of its success can be evaluated. Award recipients must be willing to share instructional materials with the Section's membership. Individual faculty members or teams of faculty teaching or preparing materials to be used for auditing and/or assurance education are eligible to apply. Individuals may also nominate another faculty member or team of faculty. In the case of team nominations, at least one member of the team must be a member of the Auditing Section. Members of the executive committee are not eligible for the award so should not be included in any team nomination. 

Nominations should include:

  • A description of the innovation, including sample materials.
  • Any available evidence that the innovation has been shown to have educational benefits.

Please submit nominations to Professor Scott Vandervelde via email ( by the earliest possible date, but no later than July 31, 2019.


Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Award

First awarded 2002-2003

2018-2019 (MYM 2019)
Denise Hanes Downey, Villinova University, Barbara Porco, Fordham University, Jay Thibodeau, Bentley University, “Simply Soups Inc.: A Teaching Case Designed to Integrate the Electronic Cash Confirmation Process into the Auditing Curriculum”
2017-18 (MYM 2018)
Veena L. Brown, Brian E. Daugherty, and Julie S. Persellin. 2014. Satyam Fraud: A Case Study of India's Enron. Issues in Accounting Education,​ 29(3): 419-442.
2016-17 (MYM 2017)
Mahendra Gujarathi (Bentley University). Diamond Foods, Inc.: A Comprehensive Case in Financial Auditing. Forthcoming, Issues in Accounting Education.
2015-16 (MYM 2016)
Rebecca Fay (East Carolina University) and Norma Montague (Wake Forest University). 2015. Witnessing Your Own Cognitive Bias: A Compendium of Classroom Exercises. Issues in Accounting Education 30(1): 13-34
2014-15 (MYM 2015)
Ronald J. Daigle, Timothy J. Louwers, and Jan Taylor Morris, "HealthSouth, Inc.: An Instructional Case Examining Auditings’ Legal Liability," Issues in Accounting Education : November 2013, Vol, 28, No. 4, pp. 887-893.
2013-14 (MYM 2014)
Sam Ranzilla (KPMG), George Herrmann (KPMG), Rob Chevalier (KPMG),Steve Glover (BYU), and Doug Prawitt (BYU) for "Elevating Professional Judgment in Auditing: The KPMG Professional Judgment Framework."
2012-2013 (MYM 2013)
Catherine Armfield Mojumdar, Mark M. Chain, Philip Hueber and Mark E. Peecher, for their innovative development of "Auditor Independence Education Materials."
2011-2012 (MYM 2012)
Fred Phillips (University of Saskatchewan) for His Innovative Development of "Wiki Art Gallery, Inc.: A Case for Critical Thinking," Issues in Accounting Education, (August, 2011), pp. 593-608.
2010-2011 (MYM 2011)
Mark J. Kohlbeck (Florida Atlantic University), Jeffrey Cohen (Boston College), and Lori Holder-Webb (Western New England University). 2009. “Auditing Intangible Assets and Evaluating Fair Market Value: The Case of Reacquired Franchise Rights.” Issues in Accounting Education 24 (1): 45-61.
2007-2008 (MYM 2008)
Jeffrey Cohen (Boston College), Arnold Wright (Northeastern University), and Ganesh Krishnamoorthy (Northeastern University). 2005. "Dynamic Data: Corporate Governance and Auditors' Evaluation of Accounting Estimates," Issues in Accounting Education, vol.20, no.1, 119-129.
2006-2007 (MYM 2007)
Eric E. Spires (The Ohio State University) for His Innovative Development of Case Materials for His Financial Fraud Detection Course
2005-2006 (MYM 2006)
Cindy Durtschi (Utah State University) for Her Innovative Development of "The Tallahassee Bean Counters: A Problem-Based Learning Case in Forensic Auditing"
2004-2005 (MYM 2005)
Timothy B. Bell (KPMG, LLP) and Ira Solomon (University of Illinois at Urbana) for the Innovative Development of Cases In Strategic-Systems Auditing
2003-2004 (MYM 2004)
Christine E. Earley (Bently College) for her Innovative Integration of Professional Ethics and Ethical Reasoning Skills into an Assurance Services Course
2002-2003 (MYM 2003)
Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr., Elliott S. Levy and Jay C. Thibodeau (all Bentley College), for the Innovative Case Entitled: "Norwood Office Supplies, Inc." Issues in Accounting Education , November 2001.


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