Call for Nominations

Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Award






Nomination Process

Selection Committee

Nature of Award


Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education

To encourage
innovation and  improvement in auditing and  assurance education.

The criteria used to judge the submissions include, but are not necessarily limited to:
a. Innovation.
b. Educational benefits.
c. Adaptability by other educational institutions or to other situations.

A maximum of one
award may be made each year.

See note below.

Nominations may
include, for instance, a set of teaching materials, a creative instructional strategy, or an insightful teaching approach. The innovation should have been implemented so that
evidence of its success can be evaluated.
A completed application should include the following:
a. A description of the
innovation, including
sample materials.
b. Any available evidence that the innovation has been shown to have educational benefits.
c. The name of a contact person, including the person’s phone, email address, and office mailing address.

Nominations submitted that are not selected are to be carried forward as automatically eligible nominations for the next four subsequent years. The committee chair should forward those nominations to the next year’s committee chair.

The Section Past President serves as the EC liaison to the committee but is not a member of the committee.

The selection committee will be approved by the Executive Committee.


First awarded in
Committee Chair will work with nominees to get materials posted on the Auditing Section website or other medium for use by others.

Note: Award recipients must be willing to share instructional materials with other members of the Section. Individual faculty members or groups of faculty teaching or preparing materials to be used for auditing and/or assurance education are eligible to apply. Persons may also nominate another faculty member or group of faculty members. At least one nominee must be a member of the Auditing Section. Members of the Innovation in Auditing & Assurance Education Award Committee and the current President are ineligible for the award. Other Executive Committee members are eligible if the materials are co-authored .

Innovation in Auditing and Assurance Education Award Winners

2021 Winners - Catherine Banks, EY, Margaret Christ, University of Georgia, Scott Emett, Arizona State University, Sean Seymour, EY, Scott Summers, Brigham Young University, Russell Taylor, EY, David Wood, Brigham Young University

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