Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

1. Flipped Classroom - Voice(s) of Experience
Chris Edmonds University of Alabama at Birmingham
Mitchell Franklin LeMoyne College
Paul Solomon Central Connecticut State University

***Haven’t we discussed “flipping the classroom” enough? Apparently not, as the interest and energy in this session is always high. Why? Because there exists many different ways in which a classroom can be flipped. So, come and learn how to flip your classroom just a little or “on its head.”

2. 2017 CPA Exam Revisions – How Should Educators Respond?
Cheryl Crespi Central Connecticut State University
Marie Kulesza University of Saint Joseph
Pam Weaver University of Hartford

***Are you wondering about the 2017 CPA exam? Do you have questions about the content, format, hours of testing, etc? We’ve got answers!

3. Teaching Distance Learning. Thoughts and Suggestions
Alissa Hunt Post University
Michael Ruff Northeastern University

*** Interested in teaching accounting online? Looking for a few tips and ideas? The goals of this session are to offer you our insights on teaching accounting in various distance education formats. Most importantly, we will deliver a highly interactive session for you to ask questions and share experiences about teaching online.

4. Editor Panel – Accounting Education Journals
Dennis Bline Bryant University, Global Perspectives on Accounting Education
Tim Rupert Northeastern University, Advances in Accounting Education
Natalie Tatiana Churyk Northern Illinois University, Journal of Accounting Education