2016 ATA Midyear Meeting


Alex Brill
American Enterprise Institute

Alex Brill is a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies the impact of tax policy on the US economy as well as the fiscal, economic, and political consequences of tax, budget, health care, retirement security, and trade policies. He also works on health care reform, pharmaceutical spending and drug innovation, and unemployment insurance reform. Brill is the author of a pro-growth proposal to reduce the corporate tax rate to 25 percent, and The Real Tax Burden: More than Dollars and Cents(2011), coauthored with Alan D. Viard. He has testified numerous times before Congress on tax policy, labor markets and unemployment insurance, Social Security reform, fiscal stimulus, the manufacturing sector, and biologic drug competition. Before joining AEI, Brill served as the policy director and chief economist of the House Ways and Means Committee. Previously, he served on the staff of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.


Bill Gale
Brookings Institute

William Gale is the Arjay and Frances Miller Chair in Federal Economic Policy in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution. His research focuses on tax policy, fiscal policy, pensions and saving behavior. He is co-director of the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute. He is also director of the Retirement Security Project. From 2006 to 2009, he served as vice president of Brookings and director of the Economic Studies Program.

Prior to joining Brookings in 1992, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a senior economist for the Council of Economic Advisers under President George H.W. Bush.

He is the co-editor of several books, including Automatic: Changing the Way America Saves (Brookings 2009); Aging Gracefully: Ideas to Improve Retirement Security in America (Century Foundation, 2006); The Evolving Pension System: Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform(Brookings, 2005); Private Pensions and Public Policy (Brookings, 2004); Rethinking Estate and Gift Taxation (Brookings, 2001), and Economic Effects of Fundamental Tax Reform (Brookings, 1996).

His research has been published in several scholarly journals, including the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics. In 2007, a paper he co-authored was awarded the TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award Certificate of Excellence.

He has also written extensively in policy-related publications and newspapers, including op-eds in CNN, the Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, andWashington Post.

Gale serves on the editorial board of several academic journals, and has served on advisory boards for the Government Accountability Office, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Joint Committee on Taxation, and on the Board of the Center on Federal Financial Institutions.

Gale attended Duke University and the London School of Economics and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1987. He lives in Washington, DC, is an avid tennis player, and is a person who stutters. He is the father of two grown children.


Marc Goldwein
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Marc Goldwein is the Senior Vice President and Senior Policy Director of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, where he guides and conducts research on a wide array of topics related to fiscal policy and the federal budget. He is frequently quoted in a number of major media outlets and works regularly with Members of Congress and their staffs on budget-related issues.
In 2010, Marc served as Associate Director of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (The Fiscal Commission), and in 2011 he was a senior budget analyst on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (The Super Committee).  He has also conducted research for the Government Accountability Office, the World Bank, the Historian's Office at the Social Security Administration, and the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. In addition to his work at CRFB, Marc teaches economics at the University California DC and at Johns Hopkins University where he was the 2013 recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2011, Marc was featured in the Forbes "30 Under 30" list for Law & Policy. Contact him at and find him on Twitter at @MarcGoldwein.


Richard Murphy
U.K. political economist

Richard Murphy (57) is a UK chartered accountant and political economist. He was senior partner of a practicing firm and director of a number of entrepreneurial companies before becoming one of the founders of the Tax Justice Network in 2002. He now directs Tax Research UK and writes, broadcasts and blogs extensively, the latter at . Richard created the country-by-country reporting concept and has been credited with creating much of the debate on tax gaps in the UK and Europe. He also defined the term ‘secrecy jurisdictions’, now widely used in debates on offshore, and has been involved in many of the stories on corporate tax abuse that have made headlines in recent years. Richard developed the idea of the Fair Tax Mark and is technical director of that accreditation scheme. During the summer of 2015 he was widely credited with creating ‘Corbynomics’ and is the creator of the idea now known as People's Quantitative Easing. In 2012 the Association of International Accountants gave Richard their award for an outstanding contribution to the accountancy profession. He was named the seventh most influential person in international tax by the International Tax Review in 2013. In 2015 the Sheila McKechnie Foundation named him as their Economic Justice Campaigner of the Year. Richard was appointed as Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University in September 2015. Richard is joint author of 'Tax Havens, The True Story of Globalisation', Cornell University Press 2010 and sole author of 'The Courageous State', Searching Finance, 2011. His latest book is ‘The Joy of Tax’ (Bantam, October 2015).


David Brunori
State Tax Notes

David Brunori is a journalist, author, educator, and lawyer who specializes in tax and government issues. He is the Deputy Publisher at Tax Analysts. In addition he serves as contributing editor to State Tax Notes magazine for which he writes the Politics of State Taxation, a weekly column focusing on state and local tax and budget politics. He is a Research Professor at the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at The George Washington University where he teaches courses in state and local public finance and fiscal federalism.  He also teaches state and local tax law at the George Washington University Law School. He has published numerous books and articles on state and local tax policy. His book State Tax Policy: a Political Perspective, won the 2001 Choice Award. A third edition of his Local Tax Policy: a Federalist Perspective will soon be published by the Urban Institute Press. He served as an appellate trial attorney with the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice and practiced with a Washington DC law firm.


Hughlene Burton
AAA Council Past-Chair, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Hughlene Burton, is Past Council-Chair of the American Accounting Association (2015–16). She is a Certified Public Accountant, and joined the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in 1996 from San Jose State University. Before her career in academia, she was a tax manager with EY in Charlotte and Greensboro, N.C. Dr. Burton has taught tax courses for numerous professional groups. Her research interests include corporate integration, tax policy, and corporate and international tax issues. Dr. Burton is a member of the American Accounting Association, the American Taxation Association and the tax division of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She currently serves on the Partnership Taxation Tax Resource Panel for the AICPA. She has published numerous articles in tax and legal journals. Dr. Burton is currently serving as Chair for the Accounting Department.

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