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Accounting IS Big Data Conference

2016 Accounting IS Big Data Conference September 15-16 in San Francisco was a great success!

The connection between accounting and big data continues to grow. Both this year's and last year’s conference amazed everyone with the pervasive uses and inroads big data has made in accounting. It also showed practitioners, academics and corporate finance professionals how disruptive the change is. Log in as an AAA member or conference sponsor to view the speaker videos in the "Video Gallery" or use the new cases available in "Case Materials" or see the presentation resources available in "Presentation Materials."  Without logging in, some videos have been made public in "Public Videos."

The 2016 conference continued to build and deepen accounting academics and professionals’ opportunities for collaboration around big data and analytics and their ability to transform accounting operations and practices. Explore the conference by clicking on the "Video Gallery" button.  There you will find videos of great conference speakers distilled to 10-15 minute TED-like talks. The conference speakers focused on the following questions:  

    • What is happening now? How are big data and analytics impacting the various aspects of accounting-- Managerial, Corporate finance, Internal audit, Risk assurance, Block chain and audit, Audit and analytics, and Academic initiatives.
    • How big data and analytics providers are enabling mainstream uses to transform business processes and practices? Two industry analysts shared their perspectives.
    • What are the possibilities? Eleven new group cases are available to explore accounting's transformations.
    • What’s on the horizon? A panel of CEO/COOs visionaries shared their insights about what is next.
    • What applications exist for today and tomorrow? Exhibitors and sponsors:  IBM Watson, Microsoft, Calcbench, SAP, NetSuite, PwC (data),  KPMG (tax), EY (ARC), and Deloitte (AI) shared approaches and academic alliance opportunities.
    • Success insights from young professionals?  A panel of four young professionals shared their pathways to a successful career and refections on their college preparation.
    • Expanding research opportunities? A framework for developing big data research strategies and an example of how accounting research can become a reality were shared.
    • How are people leading data-driven lives? A case that  thinks about data flows in the supply chain allowed for the consideration of  biometrics, privacy issues, cybersecurity ramifications and more.
    • Looking forward to shape Workplace/Teaching/Research synergies?  All participants joined in a lively discussion about what is needed to be prepared for the future.

  • Resources All Year Long: To amplify the objectives and extend the impact of the conference, the program was videotaped and made available to all American Accounting Association members on this website.   The conversation will continue throughout the year with an Accounting IS Big Data webinar series and this website stocked with resource materials.
  • Demographics: The community mix for this year’s conference was 60% academic/40% professional.
  • Conference Sponsors: Many thanks to our ongoing collaborations with PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY.
  • 2017 Accounting IS Big Data Conference will be September 7 & 8 in Brooklyn NY.  See you there!

    For more information, contact Susan Crosson, Director of the Center for Advancing Accounting Education at

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