Accounting Is Big Data 2016 Videos

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Welcome and Introduction

Anne Christensen, Tracey Sutherland, Julie Smith David

What is Happening Now

Raef Lawson, Cory Hrncirik, Douglas J. Anderson, Graham Ward, Will Bible, Jason Guthrie, Roger O’Donnell

How Big Data and Analytics Providers are Enabling Mainstream Uses

Joshua Greenbaum, Brian Sommer

What are the possibilities? Group cases exploring Big Data transformations

Brian Sommer

Case Studies Report Out

Brian Sommer

Lunch Panel

David Moscatelli, Aimee Minnaugh, Alan Nguyen, Lee Dixon

What's on the Horizon?

Jim Johnson, CFO Adaptive Insights / Jeramy Ivener, VP SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform / Roman Stanek, CEO GoodData / Adam Wilson CEO Trifacta

Approaches and Tools for Today and Tomorrow

Big Data and Analytics

Expanding Research Opportunities? A Framework for Developing Big Data Strategies

Guido Geerts

How Research Becomes Reality

William McCarthy

Nancy Jones

Social Networking

Shaping the Future Together? The Case of the Tell-Tale Heart

Julie Smith David

The Case of the Tell-Tale Heart Debrief

Julie Smith David

What Did We Learn?

Susan Crosson

Big Ideas

Susan Crosson

Big Ideas Continued

Susan Crosson

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