We would like to thank KPMG for their generous support of the Colloquium

2016 Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section Colloquium

Colloquium Highlights*

In the opening session participants will learn something new. John F. Simon, Jr. will introduce mindful drawing and then asks us to put these ideas into action using pencil and paper. He will then lead the group in discussion exploring non-verbal learning and what these simple drawings reveal about ourselves.
Throughout the remainder of the day, participants will

  • learn about and discussion the latest research and theories in the science of learning,
  • discover how everyday bias impacts actions, thoughts and interactions, and
  • explore how one’s teaching perspective influences teaching.

The second day be filled with activities to help participants grow their personal teaching brand based on what the they have learned and discovered through reflection. The day will start with Dan Stone exploring some of the most important contemplative practices, that have enabled him to remain sane, productive, and sometimes reasonably agreeable during his 30 years as an accounting scholar. He will discuss and lead activities related to his scholarly focus exploring the role of contemplative practices in the lives of accounting students, scholars and professionals. At the end of the day attendees will begin developing or growing their personal teaching brand. The closing activity promises to be a surprise that will be lasting.

*Please note: Getting the most out of the colloquium will require attendees to prepare for the experience. Therefore, before the meeting participants will be given a few tasks to complete including reading a few short articles, watching brief videos, and completing brief inventory instruments. The preparation will allow participants to fully engage in the colloquium activities designed to help them to learn, reflect and grow.

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