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Big Thinker Meeting Video, Atlanta, GA December 2016

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Accounting IS Big Data 2017 Conference Program




Wednesday September 6, 2017 

Registration will be open from 4pm – 7pm in front of Salon D & E (Conference location). 

Thursday September 7, 2017

Registration will be open from 7am – 5pm in front of Salon D & E (Conference location). 

8:00 Welcome

The Ever-changing Big Data Ecosystem: What is happening now?

Integrated Reporting Framework Jyoti Banerjee, <IR>
Big Data—More Data More Insights: How is the SEC using big data to enhance its analytical capabilities and what public data sets might be of interest for academic analysis? Mike Willis, Securities and Exchange Commission
Cybersecurity Update Steven Zaki, PwC
Update KPMG
AI & Cognitive Technologies Update  Julia Kokina, Babson College
Blockchain-What’s Happening Now Will Bible, Deloitte
Blockchain-Transformative Innovations Griffin Anderson, ConsenSys

See, Think, Transform

Historical Model Susan Crosson, AAA
Big Data Ecosystem Circle Julie Smith David, AAA

3 Perspectives

   Infor-A Traditional Company Transformed Christina Van Houten and Shahriar Rafimayeri
Workday-A Highly Disruptive Information Company Mark Nittler
Aera Technology-The Self-driving Enterprise Frederic Laluyaux


Panel of Young Professionals Justin Hopton, PwC
Evan Palmer, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Seeing Around the Corner? When to move, keys to success

Infor Christina Van Houten and Shahriar Rafimayeri
Workday Mark Nittler
Aera Technology Frederic Laluyaux
Panel Recap
Table Activity Set up
Brian Sommer, TechVentive

Planning Scenarios

Table Activity and Debrief Brian Sommer, TechVentive


Social Networking and Reception Fun

Friday September 8, 2017

Technology Visionaries: What’s next?

CEO/CFO/SVP Panel Craig A. Cuyar, Omnicom Group
Jim Saber, JP Morgan Chase & Co
Julie Smith David, AAA

Accounting Visionaries:  What’s Next?

Accounting Supply Chain Panel Shaun Budnik, KPMG
Kevin Coombs, HireVue
William Dilla, Iowa State University
Gretchen Handlos, Indiana University
Dan O’Leary, University of Southern California

Accounting Function of the Future: how new tech changes the way work gets done

Transformation in the Internal Audit Function Neil White, Deloitte
Advanced Tax Analytics- Technology Demonstration Bjarne Berg, PwC
Automating Accounting- Reporting with Datawatch Monarch
Doug Ellis, Datawatch 
Frank Moreno, Datawatch 
The Beautiful Science of Data Visualization with Tableau Vlad Usatin, Tableau
EY Helix General Ledger Analyzer for Students Catherine Banks, EY
The Impact of Cloud ERP in the Classroom & Beyond Tina Rolling, Alma College
Accounting Data Analytics Katie Terrell, University of Arkansas and Ryan Teeter, University of Pittsburgh

What did we Learn? Looking forward

Big Ideas Susan Crosson, AAA


More In-Depth Discussions


1:00-2:50 Workshop I
1 Teaching Accounting Analytics with Tableau
The demand for graduates with data analytics and visualization skills has never been higher. Data mining, statistical analysis, and data presentation are among LinkedIn’s list of top skills that can get you hired in 2017. And Forbes recently ranked Tableau as the technical skill with the third biggest rise in demand. Join us for this hands-on session and learn how to leverage Tableau's business intelligence platform, for free, to help your students turn accounting data into actionable insights. We’ll provide an overview of Tableau and walk you through the key features and functionality of our visual analytics platform.  Participants should have the most recent version of Tableau Desktop installed on their computers. 
Vlad Usatin, Tableau
2 Bridging the Gap-Real World Tools for the Classroom
During the workshop we will briefly discuss the current state of the cloud-computing environment and the need for industry skills especially as it relates to Accounting and Big Data. We’ll offer an in-depth review of our Accounting, Finance and Big Data curriculum and related classroom tools and solutions. We’ll also provide the opportunity for attendees to login and use NetSuite software for follow-along exercises and their own exploration. Attendees will be able to use any web-enabled device and will not need to pre-load any software. We’ll deploy NetSuite accounts to them in real-time to demonstrate the power of cloud.  
Danielle Ferretti, Oracle/NetSuite
3 5 Ways to Streamline Accounting Processes with Data Prep
Real-world financial information isn’t always easy to access, clean, organize, and analyze. With self-service data preparation, you and your students can access data from a wide range of sources like PDFs bank statements, Excel files, webpages, or databases with a simple mouse-click. Learn how you can stop manually rekeying, blending, and formatting information for financial reporting and analysis using Datawatch Monarch, a data preparation solution used by over 14,000 customers.
Doug Ellis, Datawatch
Frank Moreno, Datawatch
4 Pixystems Toy Company Data Analytics Classroom project
PwC has built a Data Analytics case study in which our fictional company, Pixystems Toy Company, Inc., hires your students to analyze their business processes and controls through the analysis of data provided (which is also fictional). Students will leverage Excel and Tableau. They will work in groups to complete their analysis and provide their recommendations. This project can potentially be used for students who have completed an intermediate accounting and audit class and possess a basic understanding of the accounting and processes associated with accounts payable.
Julie Peters, PwC
Melissa Nevolis, PwC
Lorenz Schmid, PwC
5 Is Your Program Ready? D&A Program Trends 
One size does not fit all when it comes to effective data and analytics program design.  Come learn from other department and program leaders’ experiences to discern the best path forward for your program(s).
Frank Buckless, North Carolina State University
Guido Geerts, University of Delaware
Jessen Hobson, University of Illinois
David Stout, Villanova University
Miklos Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University
3:00-4:50 Workshop II
1 Deloitte Audit Data and Visualization
After gaining insights into Tableau and how visualization techniques can transform data into insights, this workshop will expand on this base knowledge allowing participants to put data visualization tools into action through an in-depth role-play case study. Acting as part of an internal audit group, individuals will utilize this technology on sets of sales transactional and master data, applying various analytical techniques to identify possible risk scenarios as part of an in-depth risk assessment of this account.  Participants will learn not only how to develop their own visuals, but also create dashboards of interactive analytics showing stakeholders a more holistic multi-dimensional story of the results identified as well as how these results can be part of their overall set of audit procedure responses.
Marc Tomlinson, Deloitte & Touche LLP
2 EY  Helix General Ledger Analyzer for Students
This workshop will provide a hands-on walkthrough of new EYARC analytics mindset cases studies featuring EY Helix General Ledger Analyzer for students, designed to provide students with more real-world accounting and auditing learning utilizing analyses similar to those within EY Helix, EY’s global suite of data analytics. Participants will need to have Tableau reader installed on their laptop to participate. 
David Wood, BYU
Margaret Christ, University of Georgia
Catherine Banks, EY
3 Organizing the Data in Your Life: An Introduction to Data Analytics and Topic Modeling
Although “Big Data” and “Data Analytics” are relatively new terms for accountants, adding structure to data and organizing information are fundamental tasks for an accountant. This workshop aims to introduce some data analytics concepts – in a kind and gentle manner – to give participants insight into how computer-aided techniques can support or improve how we organize information. We will use some related, interactive exercises to learn basic concepts and ultimately build a topic model to complete our task. A tablet or computer is encouraged to maximize the potential learning takeaways, but no other advanced knowledge or software is required to participate.
Andrew (Andy) Bauer, University of Waterloo
4 Teaching Data Analytics to Accountants Workshop
The demand for accounting-specific data analytics coursework has increased in recent years and business schools are expanding their programs with courses designed to meet that need. Data Analytics for Accounting provides a hand-on approach in teaching students how to work with enterprise data, understand different approaches and models, and communicate their results to stakeholders. The book follows the IMPACT model for identifying questions, mastering data, performing analyses, addressing results, communicating insights, and tracking outcomes. With auditing, managerial accounting, and financial accounting-specific examples and cases, students are guided through impactful analyses that they can apply to their jobs on day one. Featured tools include Excel, Access, IDEA, Weka, and Tableau. This session will introduce the data sets and walk participants through a sample of the hands-on labs. 
Katie Terrell, University of Arkansas
Ryan Teeter, University of Pittsburgh
 5 An Original Dataset and Exercises in Audit Analytics: Creating a Course Using CaseWare IDEA
In this workshop, you will be introduced to CaseWare IDEA and use our original dataset to work through a series of exercises where you will: 
-Import an Excel file into IDEA
-Check record count, control total, basic descriptive information
-Extract data, such as data within a specific time period
-Summarize data by various criteria (e.g., sales by customer, by territory, etc.)
-Search for duplicates
-In the final exercise, you will use the tools you have learned to find a possible fraud within the data.
Participants will need to have Caseware: Idea on their computers prior to arrival.
 Cindy Durtschi, DePaul University 
David Wang, DePaul University

6 Building Excitement: Integrating Data Analytics and Visualization into Introductory Accounting Courses
This workshop illustrates ways you can bring data analytics and data visualization into the introductory financial accounting and introductory managerial accounting courses.  Exposing students to analytics and visualization in their first accounting courses will not only provide a base upon which other courses can build but will also expose students to the most current data analysis methods used in professional accounting.  We will primarily use Microsoft Excel but will also demonstrate how to incorporate the use of visualization software for those looking to take it to the next level.  
Ann Dzuranin, Northern Illinois University

Note: The CPE Fields of Study curriculum is divided into twenty subject matter areas. These fields represent the primary knowledge and skill areas needed by accounting licensees to perform professional services in all fields of employment. Each Credit Hour is based on 50 minutes. The Program Level for each of these sessions is Basic, unless otherwise stated. Delivery Method: Group Live

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