Accounting Is Big Data 2017 Videos

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2017 Accounting is Big Data Attendee List

Thursday Videos

Welcome and Introduction

Anne Christensen, Tracey Sutherland, Julie Smith David

Cybersecurity, Update

Steven Zaki, PWC


Chris Groves, KPGM

AI & Cognitive Technologies Update

Julia Kokina, Babson College

Blockchain - Whats Happening Now

Will Bible, Deloitte

Blockchain - Transformative Innovations

Griffin Anderson, ConsenSys

Historical Model

Susan Crosson, American Accounting Association

Big Data Ecosystem Circle

Julie Smith David, American Accounting Association

Infor-A Traditional Company Transformed

Christina Van Houten, Infor
Shahriar Rafimayeri, Infor

Aera Technology - The Self-Driving Enterprise

Frederic Laluyaux, Aera Technology

Young Professionals Panel

Justin Hopton, PwC
Evan Palmer, Deloitte & Touche LLP


Shahriar Rafimayeri, Infor
Christina Van Houten, Infor


Mark Nittler, Workday

Aero Technology

Frederic Laluyaux, Aera Technology

Panel Recap and Set up Activity

Brian Sommer, TechVentive

Table Activity and Debrief

Brian Sommer, TechVentive

Friday Videos


Jim Saber, JP Morgan Chase & Co
Julie Smith David, American Accounting Association

Accounting Supply Chain Panel

Shaun Budnik, KPMG
Kevin Coombs, HireVue
William N. Dilla, Iowa State University
Gretchen Handlos, Indiana University
Daniel O'Leary, University of Southern California


Joshua Marotti

Automating Accounting Reporting with Datawatch Monarch

Doug Ellis, Datawatch
Frank Moreno, Datawatch

Accounting Data ANalytics

Katie Terrell, University of Arkansas
Ryan Teeter, University of Pittsburgh

Is Your Program Ready? D&A Program Trends Salon DE

Frank Buckless, NC State University
Jessen L. Hobson, University of Illinois
David E. Stout, Villanova University
Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey University
Guido Geerts, University of Delaware