Excellence in Auditing Education Workshop

“Developing Critical Thinking Skills in ICFR Judgments”

Presenters:  Sandra Waller Shelton, DePaul University
Jeff Aughton, Deloitte
Chris Dinkel, PwC
Sharon Todd, KPMG
Sergey Starysh, BDO
Jeany Prasithpramote, PwC
Michelle Donahue, Deloitte
Heather Ziegler, KPMG
Louann Sakala, KPMG
Frank Buckless, North Carolina State University
Christine Earley, Providence College

Date:  Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time:  1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Field of Study:  Auditing

Credit Hours:  6.0 CH

Program Level:  Basic

Method of Delivery:  Group Live

Intended Audience:  Auditing Educators

Learning Objectives:  Given recent PCAOB inspections that continue to identify high levels of deficiencies in ICFR audits, educators and practitioners are interested in developing critical thinking skills in ICFR judgments in their students and professional staff.  The purpose of this Excellence in Auditing Education Workshop is to bring together auditing academics and practitioners to explore best practices relating to developing critical thinking skills in ICFR judgments in today’s students and early-career professionals. Presenters from practice and academia will offer their perspectives and insights on this important topic, will introduce and discuss practical teaching cases, and will participate in break-out sessions to share and develop new ideas.

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation Required:  None